555 cigarettes – traditional cigarettes of the British style

British cigarettes State Express 555 are the legend of the tobacco product world. Since many decades, this brand remains popular among smokers all over the world. The reason of the success of the cigarettes State Express 555 is a unique blend of several tobacco varieties and continuous improvement. The Cigarettes State Express 555 appeared in Great Britain. In 1925, the brand was sold to a major tobacco corporation «British American Tobacco». This brand was peculiar and was distributed on the territories of the USA, China, Brazil, Belgium, India, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore,... Read More.

2 ноября, 2016

Buy cigarettes online — a wide selection of the appropriate tobacco products

Buy cigarettes online - a wide selection of the appropriate tobacco products

Every reliable online tobacco store expands its opportunities for its clients for them to buy cigarettes online. From now on, every smoker, no matter where he/she is, has an opportunity to buy cigarettes from around the world online. The specially designed websites with a wide selection of the appropriate tobacco products enable smokers to browse in the catalog at any time get acquainted with the characteristics of distributed cigarettes and, consequently, place orders of cigarettes, paying with their credit cards. Of course, such news cannot help rejoicing because this method of ordering tobacco... Read More.

31 октября, 2016

Cheap cigarettes- explore the phenomenon of strong cigarettes

Cigarettes, cheap ones, demonstrate an essential part of our day by day schedule. They are simply something more than conventionally favored items obtained and a while later utilized as this is their definitive point. They imply the new options and routine signal of smoking requested by present day life. Cheap cigarettes are organized in classes as per the volume of tar and nicotine added to cigarettes and their flavor, which can be usual, enhanced and with the taste of menthol. On the off chance that investigating cheap strong cigarettes as a specific unit, we can infer that they contain from... Read More.

24 октября, 2016

Bond Cigarettes — a long way of evolution

Are there any individuals among smokers, who do not know the name of one of the greatest producers of cigarette production — Philip Morris International? Perhaps, this company is known by everyone. It is a legendary company famous for various highly qualitative products. But, we can say that everything began with Bond cigarettes, and it is without exaggeration, their great history as a tobacco shop on Bond Street in 1902, whose owner was Philip Morris, Belgian King Albert granted the title of Royal seller of tobacco products. Since that time Bond cigarettes have come a long way of evolution... Read More.

18 октября, 2016

Lucky Strike Cigarettes – an obvious leader

Lucky Strike Cigarettes – an obvious leader

It is hardly possible to know for sure what brand of cigarettes was the first one in history. Every brand is intriguing and satisfactory in the way it provides great taste features. But the fact that Lucky Strike cigarettes are one of the oldest brands should not be doubted, because for the first time it became available in the 19th century, in 1871 and for a long time was considered a cult not only locally in the United States, but around the world. This brand existed, exists and will exist. Here you see a classic representative of the American School of tobacco production – a world-famous brand... Read More.

11 октября, 2016

Golden Gate cigarettes – ordered everywhere

The successful distribution of the items is a general reason to support any company’s activity. The cigarettes’ trading has been spread from its very beginning with a high speed. Numerous customers do like to buy their own particular cigarettes anyplace they go. Trying to provide clients with high-class tobacco, the tobacco industry manufacturers have been developing a special range of services, which are intended to please the shoppers. For this reason, the Golden Gate cigarettes can be actually ordered everywhere. If you inquire the Golden Gate Cigarettes, you inquire truly one of those... Read More.

7 октября, 2016

555 cigarettes – a very many-sided brand

555 State Express cigarettes are a brand of cigarettes produced by British American Tobacco. This company started its activity in 1915 and today it is the second most popular trademark in Asia, yielding the palm just to such a well-known tobacco giant as Philip Morris International. 555 State Express cigarettes are mostly preferred in China and Malaysia, where BAT holds a leading position. Also, the Indonesian President Sukarno was very fond of these cigarettes. 555 State Express tobacco products became famous primarily, thanks to their sponsorship activities. For more than one decade, the brand... Read More.

5 октября, 2016

West Zigaretten – eine sehr spezielle Marke

West Zigaretten – eine sehr spezielle Marke

Im Juni 2009 begann das Unternehmen Imperial Tobacco die neue Zigarettenmarke «West» zu vermarkten. Diese neue Marke umfasst drei Versionen: West-Tri-Logik Red Teergehalt — 10mg Nikotingehalt — 0,8mg West-Tri-Logik Silver Teergehalt — 6mg Nikotingehalt — 0,5 mg West-Tri-Logik Blau Teergehalt — 4mg Nikotingehalt — 0,4mg West-DUO ist ein innovatives Produkt, das den meist modernen Trends entspricht. In einer Zigarette gibt es den Doppelgeschmack. Die Einzigartigkeit des ungewöhnlichen DUO-Filters wird mit einer Mentholkapsel im Inneren versehen. Durch... Read More.

3 октября, 2016

Marlboro Zigaretten — die meistverkauften Zigaretten in der ganzen Welt

Die beliebteste Marke der Welt sind Marlboro Zigaretten. Die Geschichte von Tabakprodukten begann seit Jahrhunderten. Nach der Lieferung von Tabak in Europa begann seine Expandierung in der ganzen Welt. Heute gibt es mehr als hundert Marken von Zigaretten, und einige von ihnen sind bereits etwa 70 Jahre alt. Eines der größten Tabakunternehmens ist Philip Morris International. Diese Firma erzeugt weltweit mehr als ein Dutzend der führenden Zigarettenmarken. Die Niederlassungen des Unternehmens sind in der ganzen Welt vorhanden, so dass mehrere Menschen über die langjährige amerikanische Tradition... Read More.

29 сентября, 2016

Dunhill Zigaretten warden mit «hohen» Klassen und Luxus stark assoziiert

Dunhill Zigaretten warden mit

Offiziell als das Erscheinungsdatum der Zigarettenmarke Dunhill das Jahr 1907.  Aber der Besitzer der Marke Alfred Dunhill machte sofort eine Wette auf ein respektables Publikum — prim britischen Aristokratie, die «goldene Jugend» des frühen zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts, und Vertreter der Wirtschaft der Stadt. Genauer gesagt, ergänzte er mit dieser Zigarettenmarke die Luxus-Accessoires männlichen Stils, die zu  klassischen Attributen für Londoner Dandys jener Zeit wesentlich zählten — Pfeifen, Zigarren, und dann Zigaretten. Im Übrigen wurde das Konzept dieser Marke fast... Read More.

27 сентября, 2016