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30 декабря, 2021

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15 декабря, 2021

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8 декабря, 2021

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The high-quality Original Blend Samson cigarettes are made from medium-brown fine-cut tobacco. The full-aroma Original Blend Samson cigarettes consist of a harmoniously coordinated tobacco blend of sun-ripened Virginia tobacco with dark-fired Kentucky tobacco from the best growing areas, which is traditionally processed. An additional flavoring is dispensed with in favor of the excellent tobacco bouquet. The Original Blend Samson cigarettes tobacco is cut into long fibers. The rich Original Blend Samson cigarettes tobacco is preferred by cigarette smokers who want a distinctive tobacco taste with... Read More.

1 декабря, 2021

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Only the finest tobacco is used in Backwoods cigarettes. Single malt is suitable for Backwoods cigarettes to specify their taste and aroma. Their aroma is Honey Berry. The internet offers a wealth of opportunities. Shopping on the internet is also part of it and everyday life can no longer be imagined without it. Online shopping has revolutionized purchasing — but how does ordering over the Internet actually work? The term online shopping is understood to mean all purchases that can be made online. Specifically, this includes the purchase of products that can also be purchased in retail... Read More.

24 ноября, 2021

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17 ноября, 2021

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10 ноября, 2021

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Marlboro cigarettes are one of the most famous cigarette brands in the world thanks to a powerful advertising campaign and significant sponsorship investments in motorsport (in particular, financial support since 1997 from the Ferrari Formula 1 team). Produced by Philip Morris International. «Marlboro» (Marlboro) was born in 1924 as the first ladies’ cigarettes. In the old days, the very idea of ​​selling cigarettes to women was considered seditious, just as today it is to sell cigarettes to eight-year-old children. But with the advent of suffragettes (women fighters for... Read More.

20 октября, 2021

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13 октября, 2021

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5 октября, 2021