Le paquet neutre a été instauré! Est-ce vraiment une victoire complète ou un triomphe temporaire?

Victoire pour les lutteurs anti-tabac de la France! Ou au moins c’est ce dont on veut croire. Suivant l’exemple de l’Australie, le gouvernement de la France a finalement introduit le paquet neutre. Le «programme national de réduction du tabagisme» avait été demandé par François Hollande lors du lancement du 3e Plan Cancer, en février 2014. Le but essentiel de la programme était de dégoûter un peu plus les Français du tabac et notamment les adolescents qui sont trop facilement tenter de commencer à fumer. Tous les paquets aurons la même couleur vert olivâtre, sans graphisme... Read More.

7 июня, 2016

Cases when quitting smoking is reasonable or not

Those who quit smoking cannot suppress appetite any more. They get an extra intake of calories because they have a growing desire to eat. Then they remark that they speedily gain weight over the norm. Ex-smokers try to consume less caloric food. For example, they try to limit their meals with muffin, cereals, juices, eggs, soups, distribute their meals into two or three foods. And even it does not help them if they do not light cigarettes after the food. Their life becomes a hell of famina as we can literally describe. They get into a controversy. On one hand, they want to quit smoking forever,... Read More.

3 июня, 2016

Preventive Methods of Tobacco Use

Smokers like their habit, but are regularly warned about its potential risks. They try to find solutions how to make smoking less dangerous. They are sorry to make sure that many security methods appear to be ineffective and can even increase the smoking hazards. Firstly, smokers begin to consume cigarettes with a lower tar and nicotine content. But they forget that smoking is a strong addiction. If smokers consume lesser amounts of nicotine and tar, they feel their lack. They do not feel satisfied because of lower absortption of tobacco stuff and have to smoke more cigarettes. As a result, smoking... Read More.

30 мая, 2016

New anti-smoking issues

The smoking history includes a long list of anti-tobacco issues, prescriptions, preventive measures, punishments for using tobacco. It goes back to the first years when tobacco appeared in Europe. For example, King James I of England was one of early tobacco protesters. His “Counterblaste to Tobacco” act explained that smoking is harmful for the eyes, naughty to the nose, hazardous to the brain, periculous to the lungs. The basis of anti-smoking laws was laid down. The rest was to descrive it in legal forms. The struggle against smoking had sometimes monstrous forms, such like cutting noses... Read More.

17 мая, 2016

Viceroy Cigarettes – Cigarettes Of A Royal Origin

Viceroy Cigarettes – Cigarettes Of A Royal Origin

The Viceroy cigarettes are a production of the British American Tobacco Company (BAT). Its marketing was started in 1936. Then it was the original filtered cigarette with a cork end. The acetate-based filter tip let smokers soften the hard smoke system, inhale and exhale it much simpler. This brand is loved by those consumers who expect from their smoking a delicate flavor, cultivated beauty, individuality, newness. The fame of Viceroy Cigarettes was obtained owing to the full flavor, reputation is gained also due to their rich taste, stimulating odor and the highest value. The trademark’s... Read More.

10 мая, 2016

Sobranie Cigarettes — the product of smoking purposes

Sobranie Cigarettes - the product of smoking purposes

Smoking can be already studied back to early 5000 BC. It has could successfully find its ways to millions of culture globally. We can understand that smoking progressed in the process of religious events as a gift to gods and as possibility given to Shamans and priest to speak out their opinion concerning the gods’ will. Sobranie cigarettes are the product of smoking purposes. Sobranie cigarettes are produced by a prominent tobacco company known as Gallaher Group. Sobranie cigarettes could win the trust of the consumers with its high quality and unique taste in the shortest possible period. The... Read More.

5 мая, 2016

More Cigarettes As A New Innovative Design

More Cigarettes As A New Innovative Design

The More brand is property of the company R.J. Reynolds Tobacco, which started with their production in 1975. Originally, this was a universal brand for both male and female smokers, but then the scope definitely shifted to smoking ladies. These cigarettes are surely preferred by ladies who have good taste and enjoy the menthol aroma of this brand. The distribution of this brand is now not limited to just one company as the manufacturer grants this right to other companies on the contract basis under the trademark More International as well. After their appearance in Oklahoma City in 1974, these... Read More.

26 апреля, 2016

Kiss Cigarettes — A new reality for smoking ladies

Kiss Cigarettes - A new reality for smoking ladies

Kiss cigarettes are produced by the Great Britain’s Innovation Tobacco Company, which history was started since a short time, namely in April 2004. Although this company does not exist so long as other manufacturers, it could hit the market with the newest production techniques, which are applied for production of its cigarettes. While successfully using these innovations, the Innovation Tobacco Company could win a great market share of ladies cigarettes. This brand is one of the best opportunities to satisfy a smoking need! Kiss cigarettes are not sophisticated, but stylish and a very good... Read More.

19 апреля, 2016

Kent — eine richtige Volkszigarette

Kent - eine richtige Volkszigarette

Die Kent Zigaretten sind für ihre Sonderartigkeit und unwechselbaren Geschmack bekannt. Vieles ist von den feinen Qualitäten dieser wunderschönen Marke gesagt und geschrieben worden. Möchten Sie die Wahrheit wissen, warum so viele Menschen diese Zigaretten vorziehen, sollten Sie sie probieren sich selbst für sie entscheiden. Die Kent Zigaretten wurden von R.J. Reynolds in der Mitte 1950ern erst vorgestellt. Sobald sie auf den Markt eingetreten waren, wurden sie zu einer enormen positiven Massenüberraschung. Schnell wurden sie zur bestverkauften Zigarettenmarke in den USA und nicht nur in... Read More.

12 апреля, 2016

Le faux stéréotype des cigarettes Super Slims

Les premières cigarettes minces ont apparu en 1968. C’était Philip Morris qui a créée Virginia Slims, la première marque de cigarettes à taille mince. La fabrication des cigarettes Super Slims, comment on les appelle dans les États Unis, a eu le but d’augmenter les ventes des cigarettes en ligne parmi les femmes. Phillip Morris a offert aux femmes l’idée que les cigarettes, en spéciales celles minces, les donneraient un air cool. La marque Virginia Slims ciblait les femmes professionnelles en utilisant comme slogan: «T’en fait du chemin, chérie», afin de démontrer que... Read More.

8 апреля, 2016