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22 февраля, 2022

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15 февраля, 2022

Marlboro cigarettes are loved by cowboys

Marlboro cigarettes first hit the shelves almost a century ago. In the state of Virginia (USA) in 1924, the first block of the Marlboro brand with a classic taste was released. The product was strong, high in tar and nicotine, and the price per block was very high. This was the beginning of the history of buying tobacco products from a well-known company and promoting smoking in America. Read More. »View More

27 января, 2022

English blend of Sovereign cigarettes

Sovereign cigarettes were first launched on the market in the mid-1970s by the English tobacco company Gallaher Ltd. The main difference between the brand and American, European cigarettes is that Sovereign cigarettes used an England blend, that is, the cigarettes contained only Virginia, or rather a mixture of its different varieties. According to the cigarette manufacturer, Sovereign cigarettes are one of the most popular cigarette brands in Australia. The tobacco bag contains the best varieties of Virginia tobacco. Sovereign cigarettes have a classic taste for connoisseurs of English quality... Read More.

20 января, 2022

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13 января, 2022

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6 января, 2022

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6 января, 2022

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30 декабря, 2021

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15 декабря, 2021

Perfect, stylish and cheap cigarettes

Manufacturers of tobacco products offer smokers a great choice of cheap cigarettes with unique aromas. When the taste and smell of regular tobacco get boring and «annoy» others, it is worth trying a cheap cigarette with berry capsules (buttons). This innovation, which appeared on the domestic market around 2017, is produced by the world-famous Philip Morris Company. Similar products can be found in competing brands, but they «frighten» many because of the high cost. Read More. »View More

8 декабря, 2021