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7 ноября, 2014

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Legal age to buy cigarettes in long island

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4 ноября, 2014

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3 ноября, 2014

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I was raised in the states and recently came back to PR and have noticed that here old people are treated with a little more respect. They are also taken care of by their fami ly everybody tries to do what they can to help. Basically the old «respect your elders» rule. The younger kids know how to shut their mouth and not fight with older people the way they do in the states. Of course, I’m generalizing because I’m sure not everybody is like that but for the most part they are treated well. Maybe it’s because the «hispanic mentality» that our elders are wise... Read More.

2 ноября, 2014

New york proposes raising minimum age for cigarette purchases —

The proposal would make the age for buying cigarettes and other tobacco products the same as for purchasing liquor, but it would not prohibit people under 21 from possessing or even smoking cigarettes. It is the latest effort in a persistent campaign to curb smoking that began soon after Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg took office, with bans on smoking in restaurants and bars that expanded more recently to parks, beaches, plazas and other public places. But this latest proposal, announced by Dr. Thomas A. Farley, the city s health commissioner, and Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker and... Read More.

1 ноября, 2014

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