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15 августа, 2014

Urban dictionary: camel

A camel is a dreamer upper of dessert adventures. They are loyal and compassionate and perfect companions for adventures of happy hedgehog rescue missions and tangerine boat cruises down the nile and orchestral concerts in the dessert and cloud surfing along the great wall of China. They&#39 ll take you to india to smoke opium together with the maharaja tiki tiki blip blop in the tanned tiger teepee and help you defeat giant platypus in greece, they love nothing more than to explore crystal caves in search of paradise vacations but they&#39 ll also happily stay home to play uno and drink... Read More.

14 августа, 2014

You must smoke cigarettes!

A stimulus package that one can die for, increase your cigarette consumption. A local Chinese government has ordered its citizens to smoke more cigarettes in the hopes of increasing its tax revenues. Apparently cigarette consumption in the Province of Hubei in the Central China has been declining in the last few years, causing hardship upon the local communist capitalist provincial government. Yes, the Chinese masses have once again failed their government by their treacherous act of trying to live a healthier life style. But fortunately there is a government in China, or a part of it, who truly... Read More.

14 августа, 2014

Joe camel — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The U.S. marketing team of R. J. Reynolds, looking for an idea to promote Camel’s 75th anniversary, re discovered Joe in the company’s archives in the late 1980s. Quoted from The New York Times Joe Camel was actually born in Europe. The caricatured camel was created in 1974 by a British artist, Billy Coulton, for a French advertising campaign that subsequently ran in other countries in the 1970s. Indeed, Mr. O’Toole recalled a visit to France many years ago during which he glimpsed Joe Camel wearing a Foreign Legion cap. The inspiration behind Mr. Price’s cartoon was the... Read More.

14 августа, 2014

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14 августа, 2014

House of prince — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

House of Prince AB (Sweden) Scandinavian Tobacco S.A. (Poland) Scandinavian Tobacco Eesti AS (Estonia) UAB House of Prince Lithuania (Lithuania) Scandinavian Tobacco S.R.O. (Czech) Scandinavian Tobacco Company Hellas S.A. (Greece) Scandinavien Tobacco Hungary kft. (Hungary) Cigarette brands by House of Prince edit Ava Bravo Caines Cecil Cristal Christian of Denmark Corner Now known as Pall Mall Danton Dark Delight Grom Grot King’s LA Los Angeles Look Meskie Mistral Nevada Newmore North State Prince Queen’s Reven Rockets Rocky Mountains Savoy Scotsman Slim Agenda Slim Camelia Viking Walet Wall... Read More.

14 августа, 2014

We’ll flood market with cheap cigarettes, says british american tobacco chief david crow

«Could cigarettes halve over time? I think in the longer term potentially yes,» Mr Crow said. «When you look at the four Ps (product, price, place and promotion), pricing’s the big one and that’s the only one we have left. We will end up fighting on price.» He said that the cheap prices «basically means more people will smoke, more kids will smoke». «It’s going to backfire and go bad and lead to more people smoking, which is just mad if you’re sitting at a government desk,» he added. Health Minister Nicola Roxon rejected the claims... Read More.

13 августа, 2014

Marlboro ad man eric lawson dies of chronic lung disease

More on this story Marlboro marketing campaign aimed at young people, anti tobacco report says Marlboro cigarette maker Philip Morris ‘breaching its ethical code’ with adverts that try to ‘persuade the young to smoke’ Guardian Professional How to teach … No Smoking Day Smoking breaks at work cost British businesses 8.4bn a year, study finds Boom in e cigarette sales divides smoking campaigners Ministers hope to ban smoking in cars carrying children before election Marlboro 72’s regular cigarettes — reviews for marlboro cigarettes... Read More.

13 августа, 2014

Cigarettes and valentines — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

«Lost Music Green Day s Stolen Album, Kurt s Demos and Other Mythical Masterpieces». Rolling Stone. Retrieved 2010 10 03. Hlavaty, Craig (June 14, 2007). «Lost Albums CDs that deserve another listen». Houston Press. Retrieved August 31, 2010. a b «Wanna Hear The Lost VU Record?». Rolling Stone. Archived from the original on 2009 02 18. Retrieved 2008 02 01. a b c Spitz, Marc (2006). Nobody Likes You Inside the Turbulent Life, Times, and Music of Green Day. New York Hyperion. pp. 152 156. ISBN 1 4013 0274 2. «Top 10 Albums You’ve Never Heard».... Read More.

13 августа, 2014

Camel turkish gold regular cigarettes — reviews for camel cigarettes online

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