Hudson raises age to buy cigarettes to 21 — news — metrowest daily news, framingham, ma — framingham, ma

HUDSON Beginning in July, 18 year olds will no longer be able to buy cigarettes in town, as Hudson health officials Tuesday night approved raising the minimum purchase age for tobacco products to Board of Health also banned smoking in town owned parks and playgrounds and voted to prohibit healthcare institutions, such as pharmacies, from selling tobacco products in town to help reduce the high percentage of cigarette smokers in Hudson residents, about 12 percent are regular smokers, which has led to the town having one of the highest lung cancer hospitalization and death rates in the region, said... Read More.

29 июля, 2014

Cigarette machine — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In order to aid the restriction of sale of tobacco to minors, cigarette machines are regulated in many countries. Japan edit Since July 2008, in Japan machine companies could be prosecuted if tobacco is sold to anyone under 20 years old. To avoid such legal prosecution, Japan has introduced a government registered electronic smart card, called Taspo, that allows the user to purchase from the machines. To get a Taspo card, the purchaser must present their passport or ID to any government authorized business offering the service. The Fujitaka company is developing a technology that allows the vending... Read More.

29 июля, 2014

Yabba dabba cough! when the flintstones shilled cigarettes

Among all the cartoon characters that have ever been used to sell products, it’s perhaps a bit puzzling that a prehistoric family appears to have been the most popular. So for this edition of our «Rewind» series, we focus on The Flintstones. Way beyond their brand of vitamins, The Flintstones have used their clout to advertise products that most definitely did not exist during the Stone Age Winston Cigarettes, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Dove, to name a few. But historical accuracy was never a strong point for the popular prime time show, which ran for six seasons from 1960... Read More.

29 июля, 2014

Europe’s law on e-cigarettes sets global benchmark — 05 march 2014 — new scientist

Read more Click here to read the original, longer version of this story THE vaping crackdown has begun. Last week the European Parliament approved legislation governing the sale of electronic cigarettes, setting a precedent for other parts of the world where e cigarettes are still unregulated. The new law allows shops to continue selling e cigarettes as consumer goods to Europe’s estimated 10 million e cigarette smokers, or «vapers». They will not be classified as medicines like an earlier draft proposed. But the final draft, which now just needs member state approval, imposes... Read More.

29 июля, 2014

Marlboro launches online pothole repair portal — government — marlboro-coltsneck, nj patch

A series of winter storms and fluctuating temperatures took a toll on Marlboro&#39 s road. Now, Marlboro residents can alert the township to potholes through an online reporting portal at The on line form requires the resident to provide their name, address, and contact information as well as details of the pothole location such as the nearest house number or cross street. &#34 Marlboro is 32.5 square miles and we are responsible for the upkeep of 200 miles of roads. Information provided by our residents who drive our streets every day can be very helpful in directing resources to the... Read More.

28 июля, 2014

Marlboro youth babe ruth league : babe ruth league online

> Ticket Prices Adults and children $14. Click on Renegades Stadium icon on right to purchase tickets. Password mybs. DEEP DISCOUNT Registered player or child signed up for Renegades BYOF Junior Kids club. Please click KID’S CLUB icon on right to sign up. TICKETS ARE ONLY $8 when signed up for club! FREE Parking for the first 50 families that purchase tickets. Don’t MISS OUT! The evening of baseball fun includes GAME 6 05 pm vs. Brooklyn Cyclones Picnic includes Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Pasta Salad, Soda/Water, Potato Chips, Snow Cones, Ticket to Game in Left Field Picnic... Read More.

28 июля, 2014

Buy camel cigarettes — cheap camel cigarettes online

«I would walk a mile for a Camel» is an old advertising slogan that accompanies the Camel brand on its road to success. Today, there are thousands of people who escort and make this tobacco product a part of their life. Camel is the tobacco product that traveled the entire world and joined people of different cultures, ethnicities and tastes. Camel cigarettes are smoked by both women and men. It is preferred for its qualitative ingredients and aromatic additions. These characteristics make this brand exclusive and appreciated. The Camel presented on cigarette packs became a symbol of... Read More.

28 июля, 2014

Cheap cigarettes and e-cigs delivered internationally

About Duty Free Depot Duty Free Depot has been getting very positive reviews from current customers, with many of them stressing the good delivery service and excellent customer service Reviews Here from June ’13. DIRECT DUTY FREE CIGARETTES Major Cigarettes and Tobacco Brands and Cheap Niche Brands Special Low Cost Brands from $16.50 and Free Global Shipping Yesmoke is the Chemical Free Alternative you’ve been looking for. Get it all here with DDF! EXPERIENCE THE TOP RATED ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE Read customer reports / reviews of GreenSmokes! Pagina web de Green Smoke... Read More.

28 июля, 2014

Cigarette waste brigade®

Follow the steps below to collect cigarette waste from your office, restaurant, bar, or other business establishment. Continue to use your ash trays and ash receptacles. Simply empty them in an acceptable container when they are full. Collect cigarette waste and dump the contents of your ash receptacle into a sturdy trash bag or thick garbage liner. Please make sure that the cigarettes are fully extinguished. Do not dump your cigarette waste directly into the shipping box, and do not use paper bags to collect your waste. Store you collections out of the way, and remember to securely tie your garbage... Read More.

28 июля, 2014

E-cigarettes ‘do not reduce use of conventional cigarettes’ — medical news today

The debate surrounding the health benefits versus risks of electronic cigarettes has been heated in recent months. Medical News Today recently reported on a study by researchers at University College London in the UK, which suggests the devices reduce the use of conventional cigarettes. But a new article published in the journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology claims there is «not enough evidence» to suggest this is the case. Electronic cigarettes (e cigarettes) are battery operated devices that simulate tobacco smoking. They consist of heating elements that are activated... Read More.

27 июля, 2014