Youthreporter — european clean-up day — plastic bags, cigarettes and other trash — the global issue of marine litter (inderweitenweltzuhause)

Imagine an island in the ocean one third of the size of Europe. Not a continent but an island. As big as Italy, France and Germany together. Now, imagine that this island exists. And it’s true, it exists and its floating in the Pacific Ocean. Rediscovered Atlantis? Would be nice. But this island I am talking about is man made. Made of plastic bags, wheels, cans, containers, bottles and all kind of trash. It’s an island of garbage, thrown in the sea, rivers and oceans. Due to currents and winds, it travels through the oceans and accumulates forming floating dumps of marine litter, reaching... Read More.

21 июля, 2014

Cheap camel no-filter regular cigarette – buy online cigarette at duty free depot

Regular price 27.26 > SKU 021.00.32 Brand name Camel Category name American Brands Origin Made in EU Short description Tar 10 mgNicotine 0.8 mgCarbon Monoxide 7 mgNO FILTER Capacity 1 X 200 CI Weight 0.200 Kg. Auto Delivery Yes More details The Original Camel cigarettes which became one of the most popular cigarette brands since they were introduced by J. R. Reynolds tobacco company at 1913. The high nicotine content but smooth taste makes Camel cigarettes a classic that will never go away. Special Price Golden Gate King Size Hard Pack Special Price Marlboro Red King Size Box... Read More.

21 июля, 2014

Reynolds-lorillard deal would make e-cigarette leader — business insider

NEW YORK (Reuters) When Lorillard Inc bought the blu eCigs brand two years ago, the electronic cigarette had a 10 percent share of a tiny U.S. market, generating about $50 million in sales. It was available in only 12,000 retail outlets and over the Internet. Today, the U.S. tobacco company s marketing and distribution muscle, including its use of frequent TV commercials and concert sponsorships, has taken blu into 149,000 outlets and driven its U.S. market share to about 47 percent. Annual sales have quadrupled to more than $200 million. The turbo charged growth means that blu and Lorillard’s... Read More.

21 июля, 2014

European union continues to peddle unsubstantiated claims about electronic cigarettes

May 27, 2014Team SpinfuelColumns, Cover Story, Mark Benson0 Electronic Cigarettes and the European Union Time and time again the European Union has attempted to disrupt the electronic cigarette market, talk down this relatively new technology and ignore any potential positive health implications. The latest attempt by European politicians is based upon a European Commission «E cigarettes Myth Buster» report which it claims «shows» that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to tobacco cigarettes. Only last week we saw a report issued by Cancer Research UK, and carried out in... Read More.

21 июля, 2014

Eu bans packets of 10 and menthol cigarettes — telegraph

The sale of cigarettes in packets of 10 is expected to be banned by 2016 after MEPs voted for tighter restrictions on tobacco use across Europe. Electronic cigarette substitutes, which are increasingly popular as a less harmful alternative to smoking, will be subjected to the same strict limitations on advertising as ordinary tobacco products under the plan aimed at reducing smoking among women and young people. Linda McAvan, the Labour MEP who drafted the legislation, said the new rules would protect «children from being targeted by tobacco companies» via the lure of attractive... Read More.

20 июля, 2014

Here’s how much a pack of marijuana joints could eventually cost — policymic

Here’s How Much a Pack of Marijuana Joints Could Eventually Cost How much would a marijuana cigarette cost? Since legalization in Washington and Colorado, an old joke Marlboro Greens has been making the rounds again, starting with an article in the satirical publication Abril Uno that claimed Phillip Morris will be introducing Marlboro Marijuana smokes. The smokes aren’t real, but it has people thinking about what the final retail price of such a product would be. According to Fast Company, it would cost Phillip Morris somewhere in the neighborhood of $40 on the low end to make a pack... Read More.

20 июля, 2014

Buy marlboro

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20 июля, 2014

Marlboro reds — buy marlboro cigarettes online only for $2.79 per pack

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20 июля, 2014

The health effects of smoking cigarettes

The health effects of smoking cigarettes are horribly destructive and in many cases, deadly. Approximately 7000 chemicals, have been identified in cigarettes and cigarette smoke to date, 250 of which are poisonous and 70, carcinogenic. Science is far from finished in its exploration of the composition of manufactured tobacco products, and the chemical count is still increasing. The ingredients and additives in cigarettes affect everything from the internal functioning of organs to the efficiency of the body’s immune system. Cigarette Additives What They Are and What They Do The health... Read More.

20 июля, 2014

Europa — press releases — press release — questions & answers: new rules for tobacco products

European Commission MEMO Brussels, 26 February 2014 Questions & Answers New rules for tobacco products Today the European Parliament approved a revised EU Tobacco Products Directive. This new law strengthens the rules on how tobacco products are manufactured, produced and presented in the EU, and introduces rules for certain tobacco related products. This Memo seeks to answer questions on what exactly will change once the revised Directive enters into force. Why did the Commission decide to revise the rules? The new Directive aims to improve the functioning of the EU’s internal market... Read More.

19 июля, 2014