» europe: cocaine and cigarettes found in two fruit-related seizures

Both illicit and legal drugs have been seized from two separate smuggling operations in Spain and England, including 2.5 million metric tons (MT) of cocaine in a Costa Rican pineapple shipment, and 16.5 million cigarettes in a Vietnamese consignment of kiwifruit and oranges in the U.K. The cocaine was found by Guardia Civil officers during an operation in the Algeciras region, hailed as one of the most significant busts ever connected to a port in the European Union. Six people have been arrested in relation to the case. «Agents have dismantled a network that introduced large quantities of... Read More.

19 июня, 2014

Utah state legislature

(1) Any 18 year old person who buys or attempts to buy, accepts, or has in the person’s possession any cigar, cigarette, electronic cigarette, or tobacco in any form is guilty of a class C misdemeanor and subject to (a) a minimum fine or penalty of $60 and (b) participation in a court approved tobacco education program, which may include a participation fee. (2) Any person under the age of 18 who buys or attempts to buy, accepts, or has in the person’s possession any cigar, cigarette, electronic cigarette, or tobacco in any form is subject to the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court... Read More.

19 июня, 2014

Longbeach (cigarette) — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Product type Cigarette Produced by Philip Morris International Longbeach is a brand of cigarettes in Australia produced by Philip Morris. It is sold in packets of 20s, 25s,30s and 40s in strengths of 1 16 mg «milligrams» and is sold in different flavors. Longbeach also produce Rolling Tobacco which comes in pouches of 30grams or 50grams also in strengths of 1 16 mg «milligrams» and in different packaging. Strengths in Australia include Filter (16 mg), Original (12 mg), Rich (8 mg), Smooth (6 mg), Fine (4 mg), Finesse (2 mg) and Select (1 mg). Menthol cigarettes come in Menthol... Read More.

19 июня, 2014

Smokers buying cigarettes online to avoid taxes : lincoln, ne journal star

Jordan Roswell’s customers at the Tobacco Hut in central Lincoln have been doing more huffing and puffing than usual in recent months. A city enacted indoor smoking ban, he says, has done more than push them outside it’s also sharpened their anger about the state’s 64 cents a pack cigarette tax. «Everybody is griping about cigarette taxes now,» Roswell said between sales of cartons of cigarettes and packs of Phillies Blunt cigars. In Nebraska and across the country, smokers have a way to avoid paying any cigarette or sales taxes on their smokes. Instead of buying tobacco... Read More.

19 июня, 2014

“don’t smoke,” buy marlboro

The annals of literature are full of instances of misanthropes, knaves, and other antisocial characters who come to see the error of their ways and spend their declining years doing good works and helping their fellows. We were therefore intrigued by an announcement late last year by tobacco giant Philip Morris that it was prepared to spend $100m a year in a US campaign to reduce young people’s smoking. Was this, at last, an honest attempt by Philip Morris to end its seductive marketing practices that have led to the tobacco addiction of millions of children and teenagers around the world? Philip... Read More.

19 июня, 2014

Drugfacts: cigarettes and other tobacco products

Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability, and death in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarette smoking results in more than 443,000 premature deaths in the United States each year about 1 in every 5 U.S. deaths2 and an additional 8.6 million people suffer with a serious illness caused by smoking.3 Thus, for every one person who dies from smoking, 20 more suffer from at least one serious tobacco related illness.3 The harmful effects of smoking extend far beyond the smoker. Exposure to secondhand smoke can cause serious... Read More.

18 июня, 2014

The winston man dies of lung cancer… just one month before he was due to testify against big tobacco company

MORE DON’T MISS Tamara Ecclestone wears faded ripped jeans and a simple white top as she enjoys lunch date with husband Jay Rutland Sunday lunch date That’s a work ethic! Alessandra Ambrosio gets sweaty in a yoga class before helping out five year old daughter on lemonade stall Busy, busy, busy! It’s all changed! Jaime King jokes about watching Tangled ‘for the billionth time in a month’ as she carries baby son on plane Shared snap of James Maleficent smashes records for Angelina Jolie as it pulls $70 million in its first weekend at the box office ... Read More.

18 июня, 2014

Buy health products online with health shop direct

Antioxidants Arthritis, Joint, Muscle and Bone Health Baby Products and Pregnancy Health Bach Flower & Rescue Remedies Body Beauty Childrens Health Cleaning and Household Products Cosmetics Dental and Mouth Care Detox Products Digestive Health Ear Candles and Footpatches Eye Health First Aid , Injury and Illness Food Products General Wellbeing and Energy Hair Loss Hair Products Heart and Circulation Health Herbal Cigarettes and Stop Smoking Aids Herbal Teas Homeopathic Remedies Immunity Memory and Brain Function Mens Health Multivitamin and... Read More.

18 июня, 2014

«marlboro marijuana cigarettes» a hoax

Life The internet was set ablaze over the past few days following a report by Abril Uno that Phillip Morris, the largest producer of cigarettes in the world, would be dabbling marijuana. The company would supposedly be releasing marijuana cigarettes, aptly titled Marlboro M. They would be made available for legal purchase through licensed outlets in the state of Colorado, where it is legal to buy and sell the drug. There’s just one little catch The story is a hoax. One major clue as to the joke should have been the name of the source. Abril Uno translates to «April 1st». Hmm,... Read More.

18 июня, 2014

Future of e-cigarettes in question on european crackdown — bloomberg

Just when smokers thought it was okay to inhale again, a debate over the safety of electronic cigarettes is threatening to cut off their nicotine. Smokeless and odorless e cigarettes are catching on, touted in the U.S. and Europe as less harmful than real ones because they don t contain tar, arsenic and other cancer causing toxins. Yet a U.K. government decision this week to treat the steel tubes as a medicine and a plan by France to ban them from public venues raises questions about what health risks the devices carry. E cigarettes, on the market in the U.S. and Europe since 2006, are battery... Read More.

17 июня, 2014