Pall Mall Cigarettes — get closer to the whole variety of Pall Malls

zigarettesPall Mall cigarettes appeared in the market in 1899, when they were firstly launched by the Butler and Butler Company. The decision how to name the trademark was not occasional. It alludes to an old rugby-like English amusement, which portrayal can be deciphered as a «ball-and-sledge». Consequently, these cigarettes were at first showcased as an improved and advanced brand and the true British-style cigarettes.

Nowadays, the rights on production of these cigarettes are possessed by the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company for promoting them in the USA and the British American Tobacco bunch for promoting them worldwide.

We do not think that we have to describe the Pall Mall cigarettes’ flavors in details. On the off chance that you are a smoker, you surely had a chance to try them and you evidently did. You should have known the aroma and taste of the fabulous Pall Mall cigarettes. Regardless of whether you are a smoking beginner or an experienced smoker, your best smoking recollections must be connected with these cigarettes.

Unquestionably, you remember the minutes when you are holding a «Pall Mall» pack with two magnificent lions pawing the sides and a knight’s helmet on the top. You will dependably review the great Pall Mall slogan delineated on that bundle «Per aspera ad astra» (Through hardships to the stars). Because you truly approach the paradise and stars, holding a Pall Mall cigarette between your lips and lighting it up!

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