Perfect, stylish and cheap cigarettes

Manufacturers of tobacco products offer smokers a great choice of cheap cigarettes with unique aromas. When the taste and smell of regular tobacco get boring and “annoy” others, it is worth trying a cheap cigarette with berry capsules (buttons). This innovation, which appeared on the domestic market around 2017, is produced by the world-famous Philip Morris Company. Similar products can be found in competing brands, but they “frighten” many because of the high cost.

These cheap cigarettes are distributed in stylish packaging; there is a brand image of the Philip Morris brand, a man with a stick and a dog. You are sure to draw attention to yourself. This applies without restriction to all cigarettes, as required by law.

Each pack contains a standard amount of tobacco products, namely 20 pieces. These cheap cigarettes are compact in size. They are of medium thickness and can be easily removed through a small hole. The packaging is standardized. When they open, you may feel a slight, pleasant smell.

In the package there is an inscription that prompts the smoker to change the taste characteristics with a simple click – the capsule. Its position is indicated by a red circle on the filter, which is immediately noticeable. This enables smokers not to waste time searching unnecessarily. Filter mouthpieces are reinforced for cheap cigarettes, which are fully in line with the manufacturer’s promise.

The advantages of Philip Morris aromatic button cigarettes to buy these cheap cigarettes are: the lack of an unpleasant and pungent smell, which can often appear when using, for example, homemade cigarettes; nice berry aroma; Change in taste with a touch of the capsule and quick recognition of the mouthpiece; the button is left and quite nice.

There are actually no disadvantages to these cigarettes. We have to warn our readers about this because they may think that cheap cigarettes mean poor quality. In fact, these cigarettes are cheap only in those cases where they are bought in web stores as trustworthy as ours. You have to know that you order cheap cigarettes of excellent quality in our online shop namely!