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Marlboro online » a brief history of marlboro cigarettes

The famous Marlboro Blue Ice got the name form a street in London , Marlborough . The brand was owned by Phillip Morris company , based at that time in UK and which further created its subsidiary, Phillip Morris USA, in the city of New York. The history of well known brand begins in 1847.

Initially , Marlboro was targeted at female smokers as main customers. Several advertisements introduced Marlboro to the fairer sex as Mild as May , also the cigarettes manifested a unique design having the tip colored in red which ensured that the lipstick marks would not be visible on the cigarette. After little success with female smokers in UK, in the 1920&#8242 s Marlboro was re targeted to female smokers in the United States with a stress that Marlboro had a mild taste.

Due to socio political events on the globe , the market for Marlboro cigarettes during the WW II started falling , but it reappeared in in the 1950&#8242 s with a focus on promoting filtered cigarettes. At that times , the majority of cigarettes were non filtered thus , selling Marlboro which was filtered cigarette appealed to the public awareness of a healthy life.

Later a substantial change of advertising was made. All the subtle allusions to women disappeared and the company started to promote Marlboro as a man’s cigarette. The first icon of this new change in marketing was the ‘Tatooed Man’ and later on images used in their ads evolved more and more into those depicting particularly macho types beginning with images of naval officers and ending with livestock ranchers . In 1954, the famous Marlboro cowboy was introduced as part of Marlboro advertisements and till date the image of this Marlboro man is what appears in minds of both smokers and non smokers when thinking of Marlboro.

The Marlboro advertising campaign, is said to be one of the most brilliant ad campaigns ever. It transformed a feminine campaign, with the slogan «Mild as May», into one that was masculine, and which led to significant and immediate effects on sales. By 1957, sales represented a 300% increase within two years.

Since 1972 , Marlboro rooted deeply in the cigarettes market and it remains the most popular cigarettes brand on the globe until now. It is available in various kinds such as flavored cigarettes, menthol, light and even clove flavored. It is patronized by different classes of both men and women . Irrespective of rising cigarette taxes, increasing cigarette prices and recessionary times, Marlboro cigarettes enjoys its popularity throughout the world and is not affected by any of the above factors.

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