Phillip morris to start selling marijuana under marlboro m brand? — international business times

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Taking advantage of the ban covering only advertisements and promotions in the U.S., Phillip Morris reportedly has allocated $15 billion advertising budget to promote the new vice. It is currently negotiating with major networks and publishers to marked Marlboro M by January 2015, the report said.

Phillip Morris is said to have had bought a lot of ad airtime for Superbowl XLIX, but the advert could only be viewed in the two states, while in the other states, what will be shown would only be a static «M» logo while smoke billows in the background.


However, Clasiclite reported that the story was a hoax. It pointed out that even if the weed has been legalised in Colorado, the source of the news is the Web site whose English name translates to April 1, a day also known as April Fool’s Day when people often pull pranks and have a good laugh later.

For sure, health advocates are happy it is only a hoax.

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Philip morris, the maker of marlboro cigarettes, is moving into the electronic cigarette market — ny daily news

The Marlboro Man s rugged image could soon go up in smoke.

Altria Group, the nation s No. 1 tobacco company and owner of Marlboro maker Philip Morris USA, on Tuesday became the latest major player to enter the fledgling but potentially lucrative electronic cigarette business.

The Richmond, Va. base company unveiled its new MarkTen e cigarette brand at its annual investors day conference in New York City.

Altria said it will begin distributing MarkTen in August through its Nu Mark subsidiary, which also sells Verve chewable nicotine discs.


MarkTen will initially only be sold in Indiana, though. Altria didn t announce when or if it would roll out the brand nationally.

ROBIN UTRECHT In a surprising move, Malboro is diving into the e cigarettes market.

The (electronic cigarette) category is in its early stages and time will tell how it will evolve, Altria CEO Marty Barrington told investors.

While it s the biggest tobacco company, Altria whose dozens of products include Parliament, Virginia Slims and Skoal was late in jumping into what s become a billion dollar industry. Sales have been growing every year since e cigarettes were introduced in the U.S. around 2007.

RJ Reynolds, the maker of Camel, Kool and Winston, began selling its e cig, Vuse, last year in limited markets.


Last week Reynolds said it would launch a new version of Vuse in Colorado this summer ahead of a national rollout.

Lorillard, the third largest U.S. tobacco company and maker of Newport and Kent, last year bought the company that makes BlueCigs. The brand has been advertised on TV since October in commercials featuring actor Steven Dorff.

DIMAS ARDIAN E cigarettes are marketed as a safer, cleaner alternative to traditional butts because they are smokeless and tobacco free, though they do contain nicotine the ‘smoke’ is actually nicotine vapor a user inhales.

Altria s entry really lends credence to the attractiveness of the category, Vivien Azer, tobacco industry analyst at Citigroup, told the Daily News.

The electronic cigarette market is still relatively small, added Azer, noting that there are more than 200 small, private companies.


It will represent about 1% of the tobacco industry by the end of 2013. However, it s an area that has generated tremendous interest from both investors and tobacco manufacturers.

E cigarettes are marketed as a safer, cleaner alternative to traditional butts because they are smokeless and tobacco free, though they do contain nicotine the smoke is actually nicotine vapor a user inhales.

According to the Altria website, MarkTens are both disposable and rechargeable, and contain nicotine, water, propylene glycol and glycerol.

Each e cig is about $10, and users can buy a replacement cartridge and an accessory kit to recharge the product.

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