Police follow cigarettes, footprints to suspect


A trail of footprints and unopened packs of cigarettes led police to a Pinckney area man who confessed to stealing the cigarettes from a Putnam Township business, police said.

The suspect, Matthew Thomas Morrison, 27, was arraigned Tuesday on a charge of breaking and entering a building with intent to steal. Bond was set at $5,000 and if released, Morrison must be monitored by electronic tether.

Morrison returns to Livingston County District Court on March 4 for a preliminary exam conference.

Sheriff Bob Bezotte said his deputies responded to an 11 p.m. Monday alarm at the Hell Country Store at 4025 Patterson Lake Road to find a window broken.

A deputy noticed two unopened packs of Marlboro Light cigarettes on the porch under the broken window and fresh footprints in the snow.

The deputies followed the footprints west on Patterson Lake Road and located more packs of cigarettes as they continued to a private drive, north of Patterson Lake Road, where yet another pack of cigarettes was found, Bezotte said.

Morrison answered the deputies knock and once they had been invited inside, the deputies noticed six unopened packs of cigarettes on a bench in the man s laundry room, the sheriff said.

Bezotte said the man admitted that he used a flashlight to break the store window and then reached inside to steal the cigarettes.

The man reportedly told the deputies that he was trying to save money once his other tobacco was gone, police said.

Deputies arrested the man, who reportedly commented that he was embarrassed and that he had not been in trouble with the law before.

Police said in all, Morrison stole six packs of Marlboro Lights and four packs of regular Marlboro cigarettes valued at about $80.

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