» police kill 19-year-old after father tries to prevent him from buying cigarettes alex jones’ infowars: there’s a war on for your mind!

Police audio shows dispatchers repeatedly asked cops to back off

Adan Salazar

November 7, 2013

A Boone, Iowa, dad is deeply regretful he didn’t let his son buy the cigarettes he wanted.

After denied a pack of smokes, 19 year old Tyler Comstock took off in his father’s truck without permission.

In an attempt to teach his son a lesson, Tyler’s father James called the police and reported his vehicle stolen. That lesson ended up being the last one he would ever teach his son.

After receiving word of the stolen vehicle, the Ames police department pursued Tyler onto the Iowa State University campus and did the unimaginable they shot him dead.

He took off with my truck. I call the police, and they kill him, Tyler’s father James told The Des Moines Register. It was over a damn pack of cigarettes. I wouldn t buy him none. And I lose my son for that.

Tyler Comstock / image via Daily Mail.

Police said it should have been a simple traffic stop, but Tyler refused to cooperate. According to Cmdr. Geoff Huff, he pulled away from officers ramming a police vehicle before speeding away.

Students at the campus said they heard sirens and then saw a white truck being followed by police.

Witnesses say they saw Tyler slam the truck into signs and trees trying to escape before he was cordoned off by police cars.

Police audio shows police were told repeatedly to back off. / Image via Iowa State Daily

Finally the truck stopped after getting hit a couple times and one of the cops got out and started firing shots, I don’t know where. But about 3 to 5 shots and that’s when everything kind of stopped, one student recalled.

Police say they were forced to shoot as he was disobeying orders to turn the truck off, instead revving the engine in defiance, but Tyler’s family argues there could have been more done to prevent the use of deadly force.

So he didn t shut the damn truck off, so let s fire six rounds at him? We re confused, and we don t understand, Tyler’s step grandfather Gary Shepley stated.

Tyler’s cousin Blake was also at a loss. I mean, he wasn t armed. He didn t have a weapon or anything.

I just heard the audio of the dispatch. They told (police) to back off, Tyler’s mother Shari Comstock told the Register. Why? Why did they kill him?

Police have launched an investigation into the shooting, according to the Daily Mail.

This article was posted Thursday, November 7, 2013 at 4 37 pm

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Vuse digital vapor cigarettes review & rating

Vuse Details
Vuse’s power unit (equivalent to the tube part of traditional cigarette, and is a rechargeable battery) is a shiny metal chrome that looks very gadget y. The cartridge, which contains the nicotine and other ingredients to make up the vapor, snaps and locks onto the power unit. The cartridges fits more securely onto the battery than most other e cigs I’ve used with the same design.

When you take a vape of the Vuse, the tip has an attractive LED that lights up white. The LED is not only has a plesant glow, but it’s useful, too. When the light flashes white for two seconds, the cartridge is running low on e juice. When the light continuously flashes, the cartridge needs to be replaced.

When the LED flashes red for two seconds, the battery is getting low. Constant red flashing means the battery needs to be charged.

The different colors between a low battery and low cartridge is my favorite aspects of Vuse. With other e cigs I’ve tried, including Halo G6 and Blu it is very difficult to distinguish when the battery is getting low from when your «e juice» cartridge is getting low, because the LEDs on those devices, don’t change colors in the different scenarios. With Blu and others, you have to count the number of times the LED blinks, which I find impossible to track.

On its website and in its literature, Vuse stresses that its e cig uses «the highest quality tobacco derived nicotine.» Which of course, leads me to wonder where other e cig companies obtain their nicotine. In fact, Vuse seems to be all about high quality ingredients, its cartridges are almost comprised of food grade glycerin and propylene glycol. The company also only uses distilled or reverse osmosis purified water. Vuse cigarettes are only sold as rechargeable units, not disposable, for environmental concerns.

Vuse also has the highest nicotine content among e cigs I’ve tried at 4.8 percent. In comparison, Blu’s highest offering is 1.6 percent Logic offers a 2.4 percent cartridge Njoy is second highest with a 4.5 percent nicotine ratio and Cigirex is 1.8 percent. Clearly, R.J Reynolds is determined to get vapers as hooked on electronic cigarettes as smokers are to analogs!

Vaping With Vuse
I tried the Vuse Solo original flavor. It ships with one battery (already charged), one Regular flavored cartridge (Menthol flavor is also available), and a USB charger.

Although the e cig is made of metallic material, it’s light and comfortable hold, with a very smooth feel. If you are a vaper who likes a digital cigarette to feel more like an actual cigarette, you may not care for the feel of Vuse. It is actually like using an electronic device and not really holding a cigarette. A product that simulates the feel of a real cigarette is Njoy or Cigirex.

Taste and «throat hit» are important to me in my e cigs. Vuse had such a powerful back of the throat hit, that I choked and cough with my first vape. You can tell it’s loaded up with nicotine. For heavy smokers trying to transition to e cigs, and those new to vaping, may have success with Vuse. It may be too much nicotine for lighter smokers.

I enjoyed the taste. It’s my second favorite after Halo e cigs. The flavor is not too chemical, it is actually rather soft and subtle and did not give me a stomach ache as some e cigs I’ve used. Vaping gives a nice, billowy plume of «smoke.» Vaping with Vuse is enjoyable. I love how the LED tips glows white when you vape, I find it more attractive than even the blue light of Blu and Halo, and far cooler than the orange glow of Cigirex or NJoy.

Hooked on Vuse
With its mild, smooth taste, attractive design, and high nicotine amount, Vuse is the ideal e cig for heavy analog smokers who want to move to an e cig and are new to vaping. It’s also not very expensive with the solo kit priced at $10.00. I also found the battery life to last far longer than other brands I’ve tested I get a good eight ten hours of vaping before I have to recharge the battery.

The one big problem with Vuse is its availability. Currently, the product is only sold in retail stores in Colorado. Here’s to hoping the company expands its market nationally. While there is no proof that e cigs are safer than traditional cigs, the less chance of starting a fire, not smelling like an ashtray, and the environmentally friendliness of Vuse over analog cigarettes makes it a far better option over regular smoking. Here’s to hoping Vuse becomes available wide spread. It’s a 4 out of 5 star earner for electronic cigarettes with Halo the current Editors’ Choice, getting the edge because of its wide availability.