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Pall Mall cigarettes are produced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and distributed throughout USA. They are distributed internationally by British American Tobacco. This brand first came to existence in 1899, and soon these cigarettes became famous for their quality and taste. Pall Mall cigarettes were originally first produced by Butler and Butler Company. This was a very successful brand even then the producers sold them as cigarette brand made for upper class and elite smokers. In 1907, Butler and Butler sold this brand to American Tobacco. Pall Mall cigarette are tightly packed with tobacco, which results in slow burn and longer smoke. You might remember reference to this brand in many Hollywood movies like Con Air.

Pall Mall has introduced many variants, namely Pall Mall NanoKings Amber (mini), Pall Mall Full Filter, Pall Mall Blue Lights, Pall Mall NanoKings Blue (mini) and others. One of its variants Pall Mall NanoKings Silver (mini) is as good as the regular one but is a little smooth and fresh. Pall Mall NanoKings Blue (mini) these are for people who like soft smoke and mild smooth taste. Since it is a very famous and premium brand it’s also little costly and hence it is best to buy it online.

Till date, Pall Mall cigarettes are still available with and without filters. Many of the varieties of this brand are available in filtered or non filtered. They are also available in soft pack or a box, depending on each individual smoker’s preference. While many women favor the soft packs as they are daintier, men rather opt for the hard box because they are rougher on their packages. Try out all the variants of this wonderful brand and experience the true taste of this brand. Though all the varieties are amazing, if you’re a female smoker you would definitely like the blue and silver variants of this brand.