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Welcome everybody. Today I will be talking about Marlboro. My aim is to provide a short story of the brand and highlight some, in my opinion, interesting facts.
Marlboro is the largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world. It is made by Philip Morris USA within the US and by Philip Morris International outside the US. Originally Marlboro was exposed in 1847 at the London market but soon repositioned in the US. The brand is named after Great Marlborough Street where its original London factory was situated.
When in 1924 Marlboro cigarettes first emerged the US market, they were marketed to women. The ads featured women and held the slogan Mild as May . One of the traits of Marlboro cigarettes at that period, was a red tip, which concealed women s lipstick marks. In the 1950s, the first medical research linking cigarette smoking with cancer began to reach the public. It was thought, that Marlboro cigarettes with their filer might offer smokers the illusion of a reduced health risk. However, the filter was regarded as effeminate by men, who made up the bulk of the market.
That was the reason, why in 1955, a Chicago advertising agency was given a task of making Marlboro cigarettes appealing to men. The result was the Tattooed Man campaign. It involved a series of print ads showing a man with a tattoo on his hand holding a Marlboro. The man would be one of several manly types, such as a policeman, a firefighter, a construction worker or a cowboy.
The agency studied consumer response, and the cowboy figure proved to be the most popular. It convinced Philip Morris to drop the lineup of manly figures, stick with the cowboy and start Marlboro Man campaign. Philip Morris quickly gained market share and saw their sales increase 5000 percent within 8 months of the campaign s premiere. The Marlboro Man has displayed the distinctive red Marlboro cigarette pack for almost 50 years on billboards, in store window displays and on the pages of magazines and… continues

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Marlboro lights 100s or merit 100s : i want to know your brand of cigaretts story & experience

greetings kelly,

i feel the same way about my marlboros. i have been smoking for about 20 years and i brand hopped around a lot early on, but once i found my marlboro red 100’s i felt like i had finally found my brand. i love the taste, really enjoy that they are strong without being harsh, and i do really, like yourself, enjoy the smooth easy draw. it’s part of why i never pack my cigarettes, it makes for a tougher draw and i really love marlboros draw as is. i occasionally will buy a pack of regular length, as they have a very easy draw, or even occasionally marlboro lights 100’s as well. i find them all very enjoyable, just in a different way. but 99% of the time it’s my red 100’s sure, just as with you i’m very much addicted, but i also very very much enjoy smoking.

it’s actually gotten to the point now when i make my weekly trip to my favorite local cigarette shop, walk in and the very nice lady that works the counter doesn’t even have to ask what i’m looking for. i just step in the door and she says «how are you today, hon»? «doing okay, getting along, how are you»? and she just turns around and without having to say anything pulls my weekly carton of my marlboro red 100’s, soft pack (i think they taste a bit better, and i just like the look and feel of the soft packs better) off the shelf. she just knows me and what i like to smoke.

and what is even more nice is that the lady, doris i think, and the other younger girl that works there are both smokes and i almost always bring my pack of cigarettes in with me and light up while i’m getting checked out (cigarette shops being one of like three public places where a person can smoke, and i do enjoy taking advantage of that) and then take a couple minutes to relax and enjoy some nice conversation with some fellow smokers over a few cigarettes (there is a group here i believe called «i like smokers better» and i really do). i think smokers, as a whole, are nicer, more relaxed people. after about 15 20 minutes of polite conversation we all put out our cigarettes, i grab my carton for the week say my pleasantries, and go about my day.

i even created a group here a couple months ago called «i support cigarette smokers rights». basically a less hostile counterpoint to the anti smoking groups. we’re all adults, we can read the side of the pack, we know the risks and some of us simply enjoy doing it. and it’s for those of us that feel that way and want to be treated with equal respect and courtesy, not as second class citizens. i’d love to know what you think about it if you feel like checking it out.

wow, sorry if i made a really simple answer long, but i tend to be a bit verbose at times.

thanks for sharing your answer. hope you are doing well. take care, enjoy your cigarettes, hope to hear from you again. )