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Iqos is a tobacco heating device designed and manufactured by Philip Morris International. The acronym iqos stands for “I Quit Ordinary Smoking”. It uses special heating plates to heat the tobacco to an optimal temperature, avoiding combustion. When the user inhales through the device, the heated tobacco releases an aerosol that contains nicotine and other chemicals present in traditional cigarettes. Unlike traditional smoking, iqos does not produce smoke, only aerosols

Several factors contribute to the truly low iqos price Australia wide: No retail markup: online stores usually do not have their own stores, which allow them to save on rent, utilities and other operating costs, so they do not need significant retail markups. Direct supply from manufacturers: online stores may have direct contracts with iqos manufacturers, allowing them to supply goods directly from their warehouses at low wholesale prices. Competition and wide choice: iqos online stores compete fiercely with public stores. The wide range of different products in online stores can lead to lower prices as retailers try to attract customers with offers and low iqos price Australia wide.

In our online store, we try to clarify the features of this product, except for the promotions of lower iqos price Australia wide. Iqos differs from traditional cigarettes in several ways Benefit: iqos uses tobacco heating technology, unlike conventional cigarettes that burn cigarettes. Instead of burning cigarettes, iqos heats them to a certain temperature and produces vapor without producing smoke or large amounts of tar. Smokeless iqos do not produce smoke, only aerosols, which reduces the risk to others.

Exposure levels: Because iqos tobacco is not burned, but only heated, the concentration of certain substances such as tar and many toxic compounds is likely to be lower than in traditional cigarettes. Flavors and Fragrances: iqos offers a variety of tobacco flavors and fragrances that are different from traditional cigarette brands.

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