Providing and distributing cigarettes online

In our store, we provide and distribute cigarettes online.

We also have various cigarettes in our online tobacco shop that have not been added with additives by the manufacturer. These more natural products have long been offered by various brands and enable you to enjoy pure tobacco, which you as a gourmet and lover will certainly appreciate.

Purchase and taste the pure aroma of Burley or Virginia tobacco mixed with spicy and sweet notes so that you can enjoy tobacco completely without chemical additives in the future. You will certainly notice a big difference and in the future you will no longer want to do without buying cigarettes online from the manufacturers’ pure offers.

Tobacco is a natural product. The art of cigarette production consists in achieving the typical taste of a brand in consistently high quality at all times, despite the different harvests from year to year.

Each type of cigarette has its own specific characteristics – and that is what smokers expect from their brand. Tobacco mixture, cigarette paper, filters and smoking properties must be precisely coordinated. The balance of the mixture is achieved through the use of up to 50 different types of tobacco. Only then do they exactly give the taste of Parisienne, Pall Mall cigarettes, Lucky Strike or Kent. A successful cigarette is the result of intensive research and development based on decades of experience in handling tobacco.

A typical filter cigarette consists of four main components: tobacco, water, tobacco additives and the so-called non-tobacco materials such as paper, filters, adhesives and printing inks.

Additives are specifically added to the cigarette during production and fulfill a specific function in the end product. Aromas, for example, refine the natural tobacco taste and give each cigarette brand its individual character.

Humectants ensure that the tobacco does not dry out. No nicotine is added during production – it is produced naturally in all tobacco plants.