Purchase cigarettes online – it’s all about variety

Simply rdering cigarettes online? Yes, in the age of online shopping that is no longer a problem. There is no longer a cigarette machine on every corner and when all shops are open, good advice is expensive.
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When you smoke a cigarette, take the finished product out of the box, light it and enjoy. But how is the finished cigarette actually made?
Several processing stages are necessary for this. In the beginning there is raw tobacco, a natural product. The individual tobacco leaves are processed, the ribs are removed and that ensures the quality. The fewer ribs and branches there are in the tobacco, the higher the quality.

What is now left is the tobacco, which is transported into a manufacturing machine via large pipes. The cigarette paper that later encloses the tobacco so carefully comes from a huge roll of paper.
After the tobacco has been pressed into a solid strand, it is cut into small pieces. At one end of the piece comes the filter, which is wrapped with the typical brown filter paper. The rest of a piece is wrapped in the smokable cigarette paper, after which quality control is carried out by hand.

A classic cigarette, the so-called king-size cigarette, has a size of 85 mm. There are special models, such as the so-called “100s”, which are 100 mm long. Thinner models or exclusive cigarettes are also regularly produced and sold. A conventional manufacturing and packaging machine produces around 20,000 cigarettes per minute.

Exclusive cigarettes – a touch of luxury

Exclusive cigarettes are also cigarettes, but they differ from classic products because of their special properties. An example would be the Davidoff Classic Magnum, which looks back on an elegant past. To this day, a Davidoff cigarettes differs from the classic brands, even through the white paper filter. In addition, the founder of this brand, Zino Davidoff, immortalized his signature on all of his brand’s cigarettes.