Quitting cigarettes means to change the mind

Cigarettes determine the smoker’s mind. Cigarette users get used to live with cigarettes and enjoy them daily. They spend their life with cigarettes, consume them regularly, their doings are correlated to the tobacco use. Any negative emotion pushes a smoker to light a cigarette in order to calm down. Any excitation makes a smoker inhale the tobacco flavor in order to be stable. Any joy is a cause to light a cigarette. So, the smoking predetermines the user’s behaviour.

Smokers need their cigarettes as a support and a stimul for a better life. Smokers have lovely moments to relax with consuming cigarettes.

Cigarettes mean a plenty of aromas, each of which is associated with a certain brand. Yeah, smoker tastes are as individual as people themselves. Each cigarette brand is unique as it is directed towards a certain smoker group. Each cigarette brand properties are peculiar to certain smoker tastes as they appear as a result of thorough market researches and estimations of smoker preferences.

Cigarettes are proper to each age and gender. There are female brands, which tastes are namely associated with the ladies smell. There are male cigarettes, which smell brings the aroma of masculinity and power.

Moreover, there are inter-gender cigarette trademarks that are preferred by both sexes. As an example, we can remember Marlboro cigarettes. This brand was initially directed towards women, but it was later made to a male brand after the Marlboro Man obtained a place on these cigarette boxes, in advertisings, in magazines. Marlboro Man hit the hearts of ladies with masculinity and inspired men to use this brand with an unconscious desire to imitate such a great icon guy. In other words, they think they will have the same image as this cute guy if they use these cigarettes.

Smokers can habitually buy cigarettes and light them without thinking WHY they do it, but their behaviour unconsciously reveals their desire to be like strong and outstanding persons who used tobacco. The grandchildren of cowboys will never forget exciting images of legendary riders with revolvers and glowing cigarettes between their teeth.

Women would like to resemble amazing Hollywood female stars who becames owners of their men, invading them with flavory puffs of their cigarettes.

So, smoking determines the behaiour, habits, lifestyle of tobacco uses.

Smoking is their mind, in other words. Quitting means to change the mind, but what will they get instead?

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