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Cdc — trends in current cigarette smoking — smoking & tobacco use

Students (%)Adults (%)196542.41966196719681969197037.4197119721973197437.1197519761977197834.11979198033.219811982198332.11984198530.11986198728.819881989199025.5199127.51992199330.5251994199534.824.71996199736.424.71998199934.823.52000200128.522.8200222.5200321.921.6200420.920052320.9200620.820072019.8200820.6200919.520.6201019.3201118.119.0Healthy People
2020 Goals

Percentage of high school students who smoked cigarettes on 1 or more of the 30 days preceding the survey. Data first collected in 1991. (Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 1991 2011).

Percentage of adults who are current cigarette smokers (National Health Interview Survey, 1965 2011).