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    • Kent
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    • Karelia Royal
    • Karelia Slims 100s
    • Karelia Slims Ultima 100s Creme
    • Karelia Super Slims Ome
    • Karelia Super Slims Pink
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  • Benson & Hedges
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  • Kool
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  • Vogue
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  • Gauloises
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    • Gauloises Brunes Non Filtered
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  • Davidoff
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    • Davidoff Gold
    • Davidoff Gold Slims
    • Davidoff Magnum
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    • Davidoff Classic Slims
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  • Dunhill
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    • Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol
    • Dunhill International
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    • Dunhill Swiss Blend
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  • John Player Special
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  • Salem
    • Salem (EU made)
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  • Gitanes
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  • Viceroy
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  • State Express
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  • Lambert & Butler
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  • Regal
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  • G.B.
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    • Nat Sherman MCD
    • Nat Sherman Naturals Original
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    • Nat Sherman Classic
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  • Palace
    • Palace
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  • Ducados
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  • West
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  • Wall Street
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  • Peter Stuyvesant
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  • Golden Gate
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  • Fortuna
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  • R1
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    • R1 Ultra Slim Line
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  • American Legend
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  • Raquel
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  • Classic
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  • Bond Street
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  • KISS
    • Kiss Fresh Apple Superslims
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  • Chesterfield
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  • Embassy
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  • Berkeley
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  • Monte Carlo
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  • Glamour
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    • Glamour Amber Superslims
    • Glamour Lilac Superslims
    • Glamour Menthol Superslims
    • Glamour Blossom Aroma Superslims
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  • Craven A
    • Craven A Virginia
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  • Royal Club
    • Royal Club Full Red
    • Royal Club Red
    • Royal Club Blue
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  • George Karelias and Sons
    • George Karelias & Sons Superior Virginia
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  • Prima Lux
    • Prima Lux Gold
    • Prima Lux Silver
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  • Virginia Slims
    • Virginia Slims Super Sl
      ims Blue 100s
    • Virginia Slims Super Slims One 100’s
    • Virginia Slims UNO Black 100’s
    • Virginia Slims UNO White 100’s
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  • Medley
    • Medley (TR made)
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  • Yesmoke
    • Yesmoke 0.6
    • Yesmoke 0.3
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  • Rich
    • Aroma Rich Apple
    • Aroma Rich Rum & Cherry
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  • Hilton
    • Hilton Gold
    • Hilton Platinum
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  • Red&White
    • Red & White American Blend
    • Red & White American Fine
    • Red & White American Special
    • Red & White Superslims Rich
    • Red & White Superslims Shine
    • Red & White Superslims Special
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With each puff a cigarette in the body gives up and becomes a poison, and extinct preventive answers and smoker does not feel badly with ease. For the smokers who are in a difficult economic situation (the poor), or in the face of the restrictions total or partial of the rights (chart of military service, prisoners) is the exit of the rolled hand cigarettes. It is preferable to hold it between your index and it Means on the edge, where smoke ya a candidate. To smoke involves fatal diseases, the three key components lung cancer and chronic bronchitis, emphysema and coronary diseases. Qu should be included/understood Permanent with place where 14 of the spectacle, among other marks in the world, and the seventh Philip Morris International» in company with scale in 2010, the sales reached 35,2 billion cigarettes Parlement units. Perhaps that in the light cigarettes to justify its name the weight of this one is really easier to rest. The nicotinism strongly increases secretion hydrochloric acid in stomach and to cause ulcers stomach. Place for you drawing some cigs. Thus what is really important for the type of products of the tobacco, there must be a reason why people smoke of the different cigarettes. In the cigarettes contain This fire of dried sheets of tobacco, and can be found in the United States, Malawi, Tanzania, Italy, Poland, Indonesia, and lays out brown dark, near the black and strong color, rich savour. Because cigs are necessary competences. The nicotinism also increases the probability other types of malignant tumours. Can be used as alternative to reduce the costs considerably, to simplify the requirements of storage, and produced cigarettes of enormous circulation exactly the same taste, independent of any article of the growth in the area, the climate in harvest. For much of people, their principles of movements of the hand cigs.

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    • had on the health of EU citizens, citing 700,000 premature deaths every year and 14 fewer years of life on average for smokers. Poland’s Minister of Health Bartosz Arlukowicz supported the legislation, and Piechocinski said the appeal caused a "fierce argument" between them. But while the economic c

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  3. h Smoking and the Discourse of Public Health in Britain, 1945 2000, Oxford Oxford University Press, 2007. Milo Geyelin (November 23, 1998). "Forty Six States Agree to Accept $206 Billion Tobacco Settlement". Wall Street Journal. VJ Rock, MPH, A Malarcher, PhD, JW Kahende, PhD, K Asman, MSPH, C Huste

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