Recreation program information — township of marlboro, monmouth county, new jersey

  • US Sports Instruction

  • Soccer registration Age 4 through grade 12. Registration deadline is August 15. See FLYER for details.

  • Summer is around the corner, the TENNIS courts are calling your name.
    Pick up a racquet and learn to play. Check out our Cougar TENNIS FLYER.

  • Returning Rec programs for Spring and Summer!

    Mark your calendars for the 2014 Concerts and Marlboro Day!

  • Spring/Summer 2014 Recreation Program Guide
  • Senior June Calendar
  • Pre School Summer Program
  • Recreation Summer Camp enrollment is going on now! Reduced rates and optional three week sessions make it sure to fit your summer schedule.
    See FLYER here. Registration and details on line at
  • Senior brochure
  • TOTAL SPORTS SQUIRTS (age 3 to 5) Experience a new sport each week of the program, with Sports Squirts. Participants have the opportunity to try Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, T Ball, Floor Hockey, Parachute games and more in a safe, structured environment. All activities promote hand eye coordination, movement, balance and most importantly Fun, Fun, Fun!

    Please click here for more information on Total Sports Squirts.

    The Marlboro Recreation Department Presents

The following applies to the programs of the Recreation and Parks Commission

  • Children must be currently enrolled in an accredited kindergarten program or higher grade in September to be eligible to participate.
  • Each participant must be fully registered (including payment of registration fee) to be eligible to participate in any program.
  • The Recreation Commission reserves the right to cancel any course which is not fully registered and to limit registration for designated courses. Registration fees are not refundable, except for the above situations. No refunds after program begins.
  • Full and partial scholarships are available for residents for whom fee payments would impose a financial hardship. Application for such a scholarship should be made with the Director of Social Services.
  • Inclement weather
    • Weekend Weather Cancellation Policy All weekend programs at the Community Center and Marlboro Township Schools will be cancelled in the event of any snow Friday and /or Saturday nights.
    • Weekday Weather Cancellation Policy In the event of inclement weather, such as snowstorms, ice storms, or hurricanes and the Marlboro Township Schools are closed, all programs at the school will be cancelled. Programs scheduled in the Community Center for the a.m. will be automatically cancelled. A determination of the p.m. programs at the Community Center only, will be made by 11 00 a.m. Program participants will be notified by phone if a program is cancelled.
    • If the schools are released early due to inclement weather, all evening programs at the schools and Community Center will be cancelled. Any cancelled programs may be rescheduled at the Recreation Department’s discretion. Please call the Recreation Department at 732 617 0100 for more information.
  • The Recreation Commission reserves the right to suspend any individual enrolled in a program for disciplinary reasons. Neither partial nor full refund will be made.
  • Only checks or money orders made payable to Marlboro Recreation will be accepted. DO NOT SEND CASH.

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