Rothmans cigarettes are the items with an impression of an excellent decent man

Rothmans cigarettes celebrate their 40th birthday in 2020. For 40 years, the brand has become popular in many countries around the world and has significantly expanded its product line. Today in stores you can buy classic, flavored and slim cigarettes of this brand. The common advantages of all items are:

the highest quality raw materials,
rich taste and aroma of selected tobacco,
affordable price.

Want to try something new? Order Rothmans Demi with capsule. It will allow you to turn a classic cigarette into a flavored one with one click. You can enjoy the aroma of selected tobacco without additives or appreciate how it combines with the scent of ripe melon.

In the presented line of Rothmans cigarettes, there are classical cigarettes that were invented long ago as well as innovative products that are appealing to cigarette consumers.

In general, all the responses presented on the web are reduced to one objective opinion. Rotmans cigarettes fully justify the price, at which they are sold. In this regard, this option is perfect for consumers who prefer the golden quality and expect any particularly bright taste or pleasant sensations from tobacco products.

We sell the Rothmans cigarettes at retail and wholesale. If you place an order on a weekday in the morning, you can receive it in the evening. We send goods to the regions by transport companies. Delivery cost depends on the batch size and distance. To learn more about the terms of cooperation, call the specified phone number.

Following the tradition of most tobacco houses, Rothmans cigarettes appeared in the late 19th century in London. The history of the brand began with a tiny boutique located in one of the streets of the capital of Great Britain. Rothmans cigarettes were bought by local journalists as the store was in the region of publishers of newspapers and magazines.

Rothmans cigarettes are the items with an impression of an excellent decent man. The commodity brand was registered in 1952, at first it was property of one English company called Rothmans. Then the brand was purcased by British American Tobacco. The brand is still a private property of the corporation till now.