Rothmans cigarettes – extremely popular among connoisseurs and adepts of quality tobacco

rothmansRothmans cigarettes are one of the legendary brands of British American Tobacco. International history of the brand has been known for more than 120 years, and that is an evidence of the highest British quality standards.

Rothmans cigarettes first appeared in local stores in 1890 in London. Preserving the quality of the English tradition, today Rothmans cigarettes are sold in more than 70 countries, being a premium quality trademark at a good price.

The golden mean, the perfect mixture of value – money that is how one can describe the policy Rothmans cigarettes externalize in tobacco market. Not so long ago, this brand was in the higher price segment.

But apparently the company’s management decided to change the direction of development, and work hard on a decent quality at a reduced cost. The ability to buy products of the “eminent” company at a nice price is good news for the majority of smokers.

One can argue about the tastes and preferences, but it is impossible to cast doubts on the fact that the experts of the company, which is a leader in the industry for over a century, do not know their job. It is out of question!

Products of British American Tobacco Group as all in all is always a quality product. Rothmans cigarettes are in particular a quality product and it is cheap as possible.

The motto of Rothmans cigarettes is simple and very earnestly captures the essence of the brand. “You, Me and Rothmans”. By using this phrase manufacturer managed to succinctly express the shades of flavors and mood that differentiate this brand.

Rothmans cigarettes brand does not ignore modern development trends in tobacco industry. This applies to the design of the pack, and the forming factor of the very cigarettes.  You can find the following varieties of Rothmans cigarettes in the product line:

Classic King Size;
Superslim which has already become a classic innovation;
Trendy and modern Nano and Demi.

The manufacturer of Rothmans cigarettes uses two types of filters for their products: common out of acetate fiber and filter – mouthpiece, as well as the filters of medium density with single-perforation.

Thus, we can summarize that the phenomenon of the brand made it extremely popular among connoisseurs and adepts of quality tobacco, who are not able to smoke cigarettes of the premium segment. Deciding in favor of these cigarettes, you are doing it in support of exquisite quality, which needs no further introduction.