Samson cigarettes from the metropolis of groning

Tobacco could be very flexible in taste, diverse sun shades of flavors, in the historical past sourness, mentioned sweetness, dried culmination, plum, a bit cigar, a bit nut and fireplace smoke, woodiness. In the aftertaste timber, plum stone, sweetness. The castle is above average, in the direction of excessive. Very resinous tobacco, does no longer irritate the mucous membranes, is going very softly, we’d say velvety. Every other aspect to note is the odor of smoke, very quality for others.

The Samson cigarettes tobacco is produced in the Netherlands, the metropolis of groning. The brand is owned by way of koninklijke Theodorus Niemeyer. For nearly a century of lifestyles, it’s been raised to the rank of a classic.

The flora are drooping, tubular, bright pink, the plant seems very beautiful at the time of flowering. Good to have within the garden! The above-mentioned tobacco is meant for the manufacture of samson cigarettes. It goes nicely with skinny paper, does now not crumble, it’s far handy for processing. Samson cigarettes are bought in branded, precisely measured pouches.

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What are Samson cigarettes?

Samson cigarettes are smoked gently, smoldering slowly, allowing you to completely experience the taste of Virginia and burley tobacco blend. Because of its medium strength, it does no longer tear the throat and is suitable for each day. The aroma has a smoked taste so one can please skilled people who smoke. Samson cigarettes have a continual, pronounced sour smell. The tobacco of Samson cigarettes is a diffusion of Turkish choice, in step with its strength it belongs to the center elegance. In Turkey and a few international locations of the east, it is considered an elite range. Fragrant, with an exceedingly wealthy bouquet.