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I’m going to start by giving my smoking history marb lights to New Ports, to New Port lights, then Parliament light menthol, to Misty light menthol 100’s, to Misty Ultra light Menthol 100’s, to Pall Mall Menthol White 100’s, to my all time preferred, Seneca Ultra Light Menthol… I know, a long history. I’ve always been a menthol smoker, with the majority of time been with Misty UL menthol. But I smoked a whole crap load of these cigs… switched to Pall Mall, due to price. They were good, but if I smoked too much in a day, I felt it. Hacking and miserable the next day. Then I happened to be at a casino (Indian run) in Mn. (Mind you, after the tax hike in July, which raised each pack $2.80 to at least $7, and if you smoke a brand name near $10. Saw the Senecas, and thought I try them. (At 3.20 a pack, when PM’s were near 8) Let me tell you, I LOVE them! At first I thought they left an aftertaste, but after about 4 days and 2 packs, that was gone. Now, they just taste lovely! And if I over do it one night, have a couple drinks and chain smoke, I’m not dying the next day. AND I smoke less of them, even though I went from a light to a UL, it seems they have more nicotine. So, not only are you saving money on the cigs, you don’t need as many of them. I’ve had to go back to the PMs as of of late, because I have to drive 90 miles to a reservation in WI, to get them for $30 a carton, YES that’s $30 for 10 packs! I bought smokes tonight, at the cheapest place around my house. 2 packs of PMs for 7.15 a pack. SERIOUSLY! If you want a great tasting cig, without all the extra chems, try them out. But Please, give it a couple packs. Thanks. BTW my hubby switched from Camel Crush (because they were cheap) to Seneca Med. 100’s and LOVES them! His preferred smoke is Parliament lights. (which are crazy harsh)

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