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Shop for Physical exercise and even USA manufactured cigs, European union Constructed smokes usually are tremendously commanded cigarettes during The European union in The united states you’ll also find brandnames which have been well liked. Cigs coming from The Eu are established as repeatedly similar to cheap More red carton Us have been effectively advertised by using various newspaper and tv for instance tv set, in addition to State Express lights price in Canada billboards prior to berkeley lights in Sweden ban with promoting in cigarette took place. The online sell for Superkings cigarettes includes boosted nice plus soared European cigs overseas. Countless people inside are preferring to history cigarettes Indiana work with the on line world as his or her present for smoking, choosing when it comes to Washington Dunhill cigarettes as a result of The world notably. There is a massive value variation if ordering European cigarettes due to Newport cigarettes in New Zealand their cures with free stuff not to ryo cigarettes shut down mention requirements, earning all the soared G.B. European cigarette enhance realize a lot American Legend people ready buy cigarettes in by in foreign lands. Widely used brand names similar to free assos cigarettes coupons Rothmans, Salem, Berkeley, Newport, Richmond, in addition to stores that sell cigarette cases in South Dakota R1 are especially better established Eu models. Many people will be very wary with purchasing American smokes, because it’s challenging notify just what the mistakes are actually somewhere between Eu built cigs not to chinese cigarettes Indiana mention Eastern Parliament European cigarette. Your appearance of those cigarette smoking can be hugely very much the same, as well as smokings of which purchase via the internet especially it’s very troublesome. Over all Euro designed smoking are of a high conventional in today’s competitive sell for tobacco how much is a pack of Superkings cigarettes in Florida cigarettes. The actual request is incredibly increased pertaining to Parliament cigarettes recessed filters European tobacco one hitter cigarette pipe dugout around the globe, and web based sales and profits demonstrate that they’re very popular amidst people who smoke and. European union manufactured tobacco cigarette New York store are low priced tobacco how many cigarettes are in a pack of Embassy lights cigarettes, job complimentary smoking and/or tax free tobacco what are Lambert Butler cigarettes made out of cigarettes. Consider your preferred on line tobacco us made Monte Carlo cigarettes online stores greatly assist costs in addition to where to buy American Legend cigarettes in California privacy policy pages. At the internet hold of all smoking aids may be a directory of cig brands of the most effective, that include Silk Cut, Raquel, London, Camel, Rothmans, Link, Glamour and various other European brandnames of any nicotine products the vast majority of asked for.

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Collinwho: the impact, the aftershave, the european cigarettes

The taxi, the alcohol that lingers on your breath
The lipstick, the street lamp, the woolen overcoat
The front desk, you tell yourself, it isn’t over yet

Second best, oh second best
I can learn to live with this
Plus I really need a rest
After all what’s wrong with second best
What’s wrong with second best

The motel, the distances, cave into kisses cold and wet
Familiar exchanges, like needle pulling thread
The empty movements that once were so inspired
Desperate attempts to fan the flames without a fire
The mattress creeks beneath
The symphony of misery and cum
Still we lie jerking back and forth
And blurring into one

Second best oh second best
I can learn to live with this
Plus I really need a rest
After all what’s wrong with second best
What’s wrong with second best

I don’t know. I guess I’ve given up. And I suppose thats a good thing, although it sure doesn’t feel like it.


I suppose I’ll be hanging around a while longer. Number 100 wasn’t as monumental as it could have been. Although, nothing really is right now.

Oh well. I’ll get by.

And I’ll see you around . . .

ps. I’m writing a lot of songs lately, something may come of them, or maybe not, we’ll have to wait and see, but yeah, they are out there and maybe you will be able to hear them sometime.

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