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The Smoke Free BeCause line features the perfect kits to help raise awareness for special causes that have a major impact in our society. Each kit is dedicated to a specific cause to support various organizations that make it their mission to help save a life.
Smoke Free has joined up the following organizations that support five causes to help prevent life shattering events

  • Breast Cancer Pink Kit
  • Child Abuse Blue Kit
  • Animal Cruelty Purple Kit
  • Organ Donor and Go Green Green Kit
  • Autism White Kit

Each kit is equipped with everything you need to start vaping, so show your support and

How to smoke a cigarette: 13 steps — wikihow

  • Aside from the health risks, smoking cigarettes will tend to leave an odor on you that some people find offensive. A regular smoker tends to become less sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke and may not realize how strong it is.
  • Novice smokers may experience symptoms associated with nicotine poisoning as their bodies adjust to nicotine. These include nausea, dizziness and will increased heart rate and raised blood pressure. If you are just starting to smoke, be careful excessive smoking in a short time can result in vomiting.
  • Nicotine increases stomach acidity, which may worsen the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, duodenal ulcers, and others.
  • Never smoke or light up around gasoline or any other volatile flammable substance.
  • Smoking raises blood pressure and heart rate. This puts you at a much higher risk of having a heart attack and can cause strokes. In chronic smokers this can cause heart disease.
  • Smokers experience decreased appetite due to the effects of nicotine and satisfaction or oral «need». Weight control is a common reason people cite for continuing smoking.
  • Smoking may cause birth defects, premature birth, and miscarriages in pregnant women.
  • Do not smoke on an empty stomach, as this could provoke a feeling of nausea.
  • Smoking can cause sexual or reproductive problems for both men and women. Men can experience erection problems and decreased sperm count, while women can experience infertility and menopause at a younger than average age.
  • Passive smoking may affect the health of those around you, especially those with chronic heart conditions or lung disorders such as asthma. Limit smoking to a single room if you are able to. Smoke outside if you are in any doubt. Smoking in indoor public places and/or workplaces has been made illegal in many places. This can include company cars and substantially enclosed outdoor structures. In most cases, «no smoking» signs should be displayed to inform you of the law.
  • Tobacco smoke is carcinogenic and can cause cancer of the lungs, throat, mouth, larynx, oesophagus, pancreas, and other areas of the body.
  • Nicotine is physically and psychologically addictive. Both of these addictions may begin from the first cigarette. Cigarettes contain additives to enhance tobacco’s addictiveness, and many people are unable to quit smoking despite repeated attempts.
  • Smoking increases the chance of emphysema, chronic bronchitis and other lung diseases. Smokers are more susceptible to lung and throat infections due to the lining of the lungs and throat being irritated by the smoke.
  • Although the physical effects of nicotine are pleasant, major psychological effects occur which don’t cause any noticeable «high» sensation. The primitive, and unconscious, brain receives a false «reward» from the effects of the nicotine. The brain responds to this «reward» by developing a very strong primitive response which is nicotine addiction. Physical changes occur. Uptake receptor growth causes a chemical imbalance in the brain which make the user feel depressed and anxious when nicotine levels are low. This is caused by the brain attempting to compensate for the release of so many «reward» chemicals.
  • An adult who buys tobacco products for a minor may be in danger of paying a large fine, prosecution, and even a prison sentence, depending on local regulation.
  • Smoking is a fire hazard. Make sure all smoking materials and ashtrays are fully extinguished when finished and take proper precautions while smoking to avoid burns.
  • Smoking diminishes your ability to taste and smell over time.

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  2. n Queensland, it is against the law to smoke in an enclosed place other than someone s home. A place is enclosed if it has a roof, and is mostly surrounded by walls (even if there are doors or open passageways). Some examples of places that are usually enclosed places are Shopping centres Indoor res

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