Smoking and heart disease

TopicDirectoryRelatedArticlesNicotine WithdrawalNicotine WithdrawalNicotine withdrawal symptoms may include headaches, anxiety, nausea, and tobacco cravings. These symptoms are a result of a lack of nicotine, a substance to which the body may become addicted. Withdrawal symptoms are the worst about two days after quitting and may last for about six months. While some people quit smoking cold turkey, many look to aids such as medications, patches, gum, and more. These may help ease the effects of nicotine withdrawal. To stay motivated, reward yourself, and don’t let little setbacks hinder your overall goal. Follow the links below to find WebMD’s comprehensive coverage about how nicotine withdrawal occurs, what its symptoms are, how to treat it, and much // First 30 Days Quit Smoking! Overlooked Reasons to Quit Smoking the Habit for Giving Up Cigarettes Smoking by Writing Under Fire // Incentives Help Smokers Quit // Gum OK for Gradual Quitters // Nicotine Inhaler May Help Smokers Quit // Cessation Benefits Ways to Quit Smoking // Offers Motivation to Quit Smoking // Cravings Linger, Raising Relapse Odds // Triggers What Are Yours? Smoking With Stress Reduction Techniques Smoking // May Hinder Chemotherapy Drugs Your Smoking Triggers to Quit Smoking With These Useful Tips to Quit Smoking // and Cancer Are You Among Misinformed? Equals Stress Relief? Not So Fast, Experts Say One Woman Quit Smoking for Good // Ways to Reduce Stress While You Quit Smoking Aids What Works? May Wreak Havoc on Sleep // ‘s Guide to Quit Smoking Levels Increasing // to Quit Smoking Benefits and Risks Nicotine Lollipops Illegal >

Effects of smoking while pregnant: dangers to your baby

TopicDirectoryRelatedArticlesStillbirthStillbirthStillbirth is the death of a baby during pregnancy after 20 weeks of gestation but before delivery. It may be caused by a number of factors. Follow the links below to find WebMD’s comprehensive coverage about stillbirth, what causes it, how to heal from it, and much // is the second trimester (week 13 to week 28) of pregnancy? Pregnancy Week by Week Weeks 21 25 Moms Getting Fishy Advice ‘s It Like in the Womb? Your Baby’s Sex Can You Feel the Baby Move? ‘s Growth and Development in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy Resources Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Pregnancy to Call Your Doctor With Pregnancy Food Cravings ‘s Problems Are Usually Normal Soundly During Pregnancy Test May Help Predict Stillbirth Risk of Pregnancy? You Could Be Having A Girl Lasting Trauma of Stillbirth With Baby Before Birth Passions Keep Intimacy Alive to Have a Smarter Child to Avoid When You’re Pregnant and Pregnancy in Pregnancy Your Maternity Wardrobe Problems of Pregnancy Essential Pregnancy Gear List for Expectant Moms a Baby Name // Trimester of Pregnancy What to Expect Your Beauty Regimen // Overview Overview