Smoking habits, local brand cigarettes and lung … [j epidemiol. 1997] — pubmed — ncbi

To disclose the association between smoking habits and lung cancer in Okinawa, Japan, we analyzed the data from a case control study conducted from 1988 to 1991. The analysis, based on 333 cases and 666 age , sex and residence matched population controls, provided the following major findings. (a) The odds ratios (ORs) for current smokers relative to nonsmokers were much greater for squamous cell carcinoma than for adenocarcinoma. The OR was 9.82 for squamous cell carcinoma and 2.18 for adenocarcinoma in males, 28.2 and 1.14, correspondingly, in females. (b) Males who quit smoking for 20 years or more demonstrated no elevated lung cancer risk. (c) Among male current smokers, the more the number of cigarettes smoked per day, the higher the lung cancer risk for both cell types, but particularly for squamous cell carcinoma. In contrast, deep smoke inhalation significantly increased the risk for adenocarcinoma in particular. (d) Okinawan brand cigarettes were more strongly associated with the risk, compared with other brand ones. This finding might partly explain the higher frequency of lung cancer in males with the relatively lower smoking rate in Okinawa.

Jack wilshere could become the face of electronic cigarette brand after smoking misdemeanour

Jack Wilshere has been reprimanded by Arsene Wenger after being caught smoking (Picture Getty)

Jack Wilshere may have felt the wrath of boss Arsene Wenger for being pictured smoking, but his antics appear to have opened up another money making avenue for the Arsenal midfielder.

Electronic cigarette company Neo have reportedly approached the England international to become the face of their brand after he was snapped outside a London night club earlier this week with cigarette in hand.

And while Wenger could yet punish his star man for the apparent misdemeanour, Neo were quick off the mark to spot a great publicity opportunity.

May possibly look a bit like this. Photo Gareth Richman / Evening Standard

As a professional footballer and a role model to millions of young fans, we can understand the controversy caused by Jack puffing on a cigarette, said Neo Director Est e Oren.

So we have offered him a significant sum today to officially endorse our product as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Wilshere has today insisted he does not use cigarettes, but as they say, there s no smoke without fire.

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