Smoking of hookahs

Hookahs have become very popular since recent years. They symbolize the high style and elegance. Hookahs are made and served in special hookah shops. Or visitors are invited to try hookahs in usual coffee-rooms, in separate rooms where they can try this amazing and intriguing blend of fire, water, east furniture, and primarily, an aromatic, mild-taste tobacco. Even those who criticize tobacco do not blame hookahs.

But skillful tobacco users must not forget that some smoking products can be less safe than the others.

Cigarettes are for many reasons much safer than hookahs.

Hookahs are regarded by smokers as safer tobacco items because their nicotine must pass through liquid and be in this way purified from dangerous substances. The mistake is evident to those who can think logically.

While tobacco fumes pass through liquids, fume substances are partially dissolved in a liquid. But then the fume will be filled with substances contained in liquids. In other words, these substances will be again included into the tobacco fume.

WHO states that even smoke filters are not effective if hookahs are equipped with them.

The tobacco nicotine and tars contained in vapor fumes of hookahs can deeper penetrate into smoker’s lungs than dry cigarette smokes.

Potential dangers of hookahs consist in the impossibility to remark their side effects. Vapor hookah fumes do not irritate the smoker’s lungs. Smokers inhale deeply, without taking precautions as cigarette users do.

Hookah consumption follows are headaches, nausea and deterioration. These are caused by carbon monoxide produced by glowing coals, which poison the organism. Carbon monoxide can make worse the memory, functions of brain and cardiovascular system, mental state.

Smoking history is the development of tobacco products, which are less harmful for consumers. Hookahs are more exotic and attractive, but they refer to the previous era of tobacco consumption when the consumer protection was not so efficient.

Cigarettes are the best and most reliable choice of true smokers.

Cigarettes include a plenty of flavors and scents, which satisfy any smoker’s taste.

Cigarettes can be consumed under any circumstances. They do not need any special rooms to be lit.

Cigarettes do not contain so much harmful stuff and risks of their consumption are much lower in comparison to other smoking products.

Cigarettes are real friends and supporters of all true smokers.

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