‘smutty’ e-cigarette ad for vip brand will make you cringe (video)

A new e cigarette ad with a woman talking dirty is supposed to be smoking hot. But some say it’s not.

British e cig manufacturer VIP trotted out a spot in which a comely woman commands viewers to «get it out» and «put it in my mouth.» The product doesn’t appear because regulators prohibit that on British TV. This way the model can coo her innuendo without interference from what she’s trying to sell. Convenient, no?

AdWeek called it «smutty.»

«It is wrong on every level,» a YouTube viewer wrote.

The campaign, which also has a man’s version (see below), might actually make a recent Hyundai dealer ad revolving around an implied four hour erection look like genius.

These e cigarette commercials are reportedly a response to an Advertising Standards Authority clamp down on too vague e cig commercials in the United Kingdom, AdWeek wrote.

VIP also produced longer and raunchier cuts of the new spots. (In the interest of advertising scholarship, ahem, we’ve provided those below, too.)

E cigarettes, which produce vaporized nicotine without tobacco when inhaled, are advertised on American TV. But regulators are mulling a ban.

Cigarettes — deus ex wiki

COUGHING NAILS when you’ve just got to have a cigarette. Deus Ex description

A typical cigarette is a roll of tobacco in paper with a filter. There are several brands of cigarettes available to the discerning consumer


  • Stogie with a pyramid on the cover. Described as Coughing Nails in the inventory. The only brand available to the player.
  • Big Top with a circus tent on the cover, advertised as «The Greatest Smoke on Earth»
  • Super 45 same brand as the forty alcohol, advertised as the only brand recommended by the Surgeon General
  • Holy Smokes advertised as Saviorrific! by a smoking Jesus. Introduced in 2025.
  • Royal Hellhounds No flagrant advertising exists for this particular brand of cigarette in DX3, but it seems to be Adam Jensen’s favorite brand.

NOIR What’s your secret? Watch your worries vanish in a puff. Tasty, reasonably priced, and may be harmful to your health. Deus Ex Invisible War description Game itemEdit

The cigarettes are mostly a flavor item. Using them hurts the player for 10 hit points (deducted from torso health). Using cigarettes also creates a small smoke cloud in front of the player, which creative players can use to their advantage in certain situations (e.g. having an enemy walk into it).