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  • Sobranie Classic cigarettes (Tar 14 mg Nicotine 1 mg)
  • Sobranie Classic Lights (Tar 10 mg Nicotine 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie Black Russians (Tar 9 mg Nicotine 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie White Russians (Tar 8 mg Nicotine 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie Cocktails (Tar 7 mg Nicotine 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie Blues (Tar 5 mg Nicotine 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie Mints (Tar 5 mg f 0.5 mg)
  • Sobranie Pinks (Tar 5 mg Nicotine 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie Whites (Tar 1 mg Nicotine 0.01 mg)
  • Sobranie Yellow (citrus menthol) (Tar 5 mg Nicotine 0.05 mg Carbon Monoxide 5 mg) sold in China with English and Chinese text on packet, displaying a health warning on the lower region of the packet.

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