Some aspects of opening of your own local cigarette shop

Despite the massive devotion to a healthy lifestyle, many people continue to be active smokers. Cigarettes are perhaps one of the few types of goods, which without doubt will be always demanded.
But namely this factor is one of the main ones, when the future entrepreneur is thinking about how to do business.
No matter how many people are frightened with the scary pictures on cigarette packs, no matter how much is told on television about the dangers of smoking — smokers do not get less. And so the opening of your own tobacco shop is an excellent investment in perspective commercial activity.

There must be sold cigarettes of different price categories — from the budget to luxury expensive ones in the tobacco shop.

All existing types of cigarettes — with filter and without, usual and thin, flavored, strong, light, etc. — they should also be presented in different brands in assortment.

Do not forget and about these types of tobacco products such as cigars and cigarillos. Probably they will not be purchased just as regular cigarettes, but still they have to be available for sale.

This may also include pipes and tobacco for them. It is not necessary to make a huge range of such products (it is still not a specialized shop for pipes), but one should offer at least a few options.

Smoking shisha is now quite a popular activity. Therefore, it is a must to include a hookah tobacco in assortment.

One should not get limited with several types, but to add tobacco with different flavors in different price categories of about 8-12 types to the range.

As practice shows, hookah tobacco is bought rather actively, since many are addicted to smoking hookah at home.

And related products, which also have to be in your tobacco shop – these are a variety of lighters, matches, some other stuff (eg, key chains).

Make sure that the store has convenient storefront, and all types of goods are visually accessible to buyers. Also write/type price for each sort of cigarette tobacco.

It is now easy to find suppliers of tobacco products – at distribution centers, via internet or by using recommendations of friends who are engaged in trade.

Study what the terms of cooperation and prices for the products you are offered by different providers and choose the most suitable option for your business. Pay special attention to the fact that the provider presented you all the necessary documentation for the goods.

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