The aficionados smoke Drum cigarettes

More than half of the local aficionados smoked and still smoke Drum cigarettes. The Drum cigarettes blend consists of carefully calibrated proportions of Virginia and Burley varieties. The line of varieties of the brand includes mixtures with the addition of oriental variations, which give a piquant shade to the flavor. Tobacco leaves are cut very thinly to provide light cravings when smoking and make the process as pleasant as possible. The Drum cigarettes blend has strength above average and is recommended primarily by experienced aficionados, able to appreciate the rich taste of the product.

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What are Drum cigarettes?

Drum cigarettes are a natural product for connoisseurs, created in ancient Dutch traditions. Premium Quality Tobacco Blend* Drum Original – 50% Virginia + 50% Kentucky (Traditional HalfZware Blend). Its production was initially launched by the corporation Douwe Egberts, and after a while the brand was bought by the transnational tobacco giant Imperial Tobacco. In their country, the products of this brand occupy the second place in popularity. The Dutch initially preferred self-rolls to ready-made cigarettes, since it was possible to make the product to their liking by putting a little less or more filling. And the benefit of buying weight mixtures was obvious.