The best electronic cigarette buying guide 2013

You just want to find the perfect electronic cigarette to help you live a tobacco free life, and you also want to know what makes different types of e cigs and the e liquid unique. Basically, you just want to know what kind of device is going to work for your needs, and you don’t want to buy 10 different devices to find out what one works best.

You may have been searching online for the best e cigarette and discovered that almost every review site is nothing but a bunch of flashing banners and pushy sales pitches. Many of these review sites have reviews on the most basic starter kits, but have no information about the different device styles that might work better for you.

Things are different here. Here you will learn about the different devices that are currently available. Yes, there are many types and each one has it s own unique qualities that makes it different. You will learn all about each device type, from the simple disposable e cigs types to advanced personal vaporizers. Once you know what each type of e cig does, you will be more likely to buy the right device. If you end up with the wrong device you will most likely go back to smoking tobacco.

That is why I made this site, to help smokers learn about the world of e cigarettes so they could find the perfect device for their individual needs, all without having to wade through miles of high pressure reviews.

In this site, you will find valuable information about the different styles and types of devices plus hands on reviews to help you buy the most important gadget you might ever own.

E-cigs: best electronic cigarettes, eversmoke vapor e- cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are unquestionably innovative, but the principles behind them are simple. At EverSmoke, it s the simplicity we focus on simplicity of use and maintenance for our customers. EverSmoke electronic cigarettes utilize 2 piece construction and refillable cartomizers, so you never have to do more than attach a fresh cartomizer or charge a battery. EverSmoke’s electronic cigarettes were developed with the latest and most advanced battery and cartridge technology.

Signature Glowing Orange Crystal Tip

The EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes have an Orange LED that lights up with each puff and will signal when your electronic cigarette needs to be recharged.

Rechargeable Battery

Our EverSmoke electronic cigarette batteries are the longest lasting lithium polymer batteries on the market, as stated by numerous electronic cigarette review sites. This proprietary battery is designed for maximum vapor and performance. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Built in Atomizer

Unlike many other e cigarette brands, the EverSmoke atomizer is built into the cartridge to produce maximum vapor and ensure that you get a fresh atomizer with each new EverSmoke electronic cigarette cartridge.

Flavor Cartridge

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Cartridges are designed and built with our exclusive VaporFlo&trade technology that ensures a clean smooth draw that produces maximum vapor. Exclusive to EverSmoke, you won’t find VaporFlo&trade on any other electronic cigarette brand.

Silicone Tip

The exclusive silicone tip within the mouth piece is designed to prevent leakage. One hole intake for maximized draw and resistance for an authentic cigarette feel.


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