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Winston lights regular cigarettes – reviews for winston cigarettes online


i have been smoking for 35 years, and am now 50.i’ve tried many dozens,and had maybe 10 12 favorites for a few months to a couple years.i now smoke winston light 100’s ,and find them the best cig i can ever recall. im VERY pleased with them fine flavor, right strenght, veerry slow burning about 15 puffs per , and ,best, virtually no lung/throat irratation. the only smoke i can say that about.!/ also, i’d say the WORST major brand are marlboros a dull, pointless, dry ,irratating smoke vastly overrated! the worst cig of all off the top of my head are GPC’s LIKE BEING TRAPPED IN A ROOM WITH THE CARPET ON FIRE!!IS IT TOBACCO? OR BURNING SARAN WRAP,WITH AMMONIA ,AND DRIED DEAD RODENTS …/PALLMALLS ARE TOLERABLE,ok, if ya wanna save a buck or generally are ok, tho there’s sooo many styles anymore ,who can try them all? parliments are a trend amoung college students who dont know better and way over , virginia slims are preety i enjoyed in the mid 90’s, tho on a recent re try, they were not winston! american spirit i can smoke without displeasure, tho the tightness of the tobacco, and its odd burning take a while to relate too. and with it’s price, one has to be really sold on them. i’ve yet to find a generic that i can stand a whole pack tend to be low grade , rough tobacco, and usually very mild..L & M products are to be avoided. most english cigs are quite , ive wondered what a non mentrol newport would be like. i dont like the irratation factor of menthal, but newports underlying tobacco seems it may be are find, but very difficult to locate where im best non filter i recall is made by phoilip morris, and called ‘commadores’ if they still make pall mall reds , but a touch smoother…

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