The branded Gauloises cigarettes

The branded Gauloises cigarettes have been in stable demand for more than a century. This brand appeared in 1910 and became perhaps the most famous French brand of tobacco products. Today, as is often the case, the products of this brand are no longer manufactured in their country of origin. But in this case it has not affected the quality. After all, today’s Gauloises cigarettes are manufactured by the German tobacco factory Reemtsma, which is owned by Imperial Tobacco, for example, like the Gauloises without filter presented on this page.

This means that the quality of the product is maintained at a high level. Especially with regard to tobacco products manufactured for the Swiss domestic market. Buyers from this country only buy really high-quality goods that meet the highest standards in the world. And in this case, when buying Gauloises cigarettes without a filter, you can get an incredibly rich and saturated delicious cigarette smoke with a high content of tar and nicotine, which is what a filter-free cigarette should have. This is what a filter-free cigarette should have. In addition, these cigarettes retain their classic design. They are produced in the usual size format and packed in a soft pack in blue color, which has the winged gully helmet, the symbol of the brand. In other words, if you buy Gauloises cigarettes without filters, you can’t see what they should be, even though they are made in Germany and not in France. You will get exactly the same Gauloises.

What are Gauloises cigarettes?

The brown flavor of Gauloises cigarettes is very strong and wraps around the presence of Latakia tobacco, giving the blend a characteristic sweet aftertaste. This, along with the overall retro design and lack of filters, certainly makes it an unusual smoking experience and a bit of nostalgia in a world now dominated by golden-haired cigarettes. Blond fits the modern concept instead of tobacco, presenting a strong flavor and drying with a strong bitter hue. The blend of Gauloises cigarettes does not change with different varieties (blue, red or yellow) and the taste of the difference is given by the change of filter used.