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The tobacco market is considered the fastest growing market. There is nothing surprising here. Despite the promotion of healthy lifestyles, tobacco sales are steadily increasing and smokers order cigarettes online UK wide. Consumption is increasing by 2-3% annually and has already reached five trillion packs per year. In spite of this, the price of tobacco products is not falling; on the contrary, it is steadily rising. As a result, people are constantly looking for places where they can buy their favorite cigarettes (Bond, Kent, etc.) at a lower price. And there is such a place – online stores of our company.

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Interesting fact. Tobacco has been around for hundreds of years, but not everyone knows some facts about cigarettes. Today we will fill that gap:

Tobacco as a crop began growing in South America 6,000 years ago. According to historians, tobacco was used in rituals by priests and sorcerers. The natives were very fond of this plant. Tobacco was not only smoked but also used as a gift. Tobacco smoke was used to smother fields to kill insects. After tobacco was introduced to Europe, church clergymen discouraged its spread. They believed the smoke attracted demons. Doctors in the 16th century advised pregnant women to smoke tobacco as a means to control their weight. Curiously, Columbus himself and the members of his team who imported tobacco did not smoke it themselves.

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