The well-known menthol cigarettes brands

At the present moment, menthol is added not only to sweets but also to cigarettes, cigars, little cigars, smokeless tobacco products, and tobacco rolling paper. Menthol has proved its uniqueness, delicious taste and odor for years.

There are cigarettes brands, which are only made in menthol flavor. In other words, there are produced only Menthol Cigarettes but not Classic ones. These common Menthol Cigarette brands include Kool, Newport, and Salem.

However, some brands prefer to offer Menthol and Non Menthol Cigarettes. Thus, smoker has the possibility to taste different flavors of cigarettes but not switching to another brand in order to seek for other alternatives. Other brands of menthol and non menthol cigarettes include Doral, Virginia Slims, Marlboro, and Camel.

Marlboro is a brand for both kinds of cigarettes. That is the reason it occupies the first place on the tobacco market and wins the competition. This brand is used by 42,2% of smokers. Newport is second best (11.3%), then it is followed by Camel (7.5%), Basic (4.2%), Doral (3.1%), Kool (2.9%), Parliament (2.0%), Salem (1.9%), and USA Gold (1.9%).

It is proved that about 90% of cigarettes, introduced on the market, contain menthol. Even if they are not advertised as menthol cigarettes, they still belong to this kind of cigarettes. There is a rule, when cigarettes are considered to be menthol they should contain a specific amount of menthol (0.1% to 0.45% of the tobacco filler weight). Only then they will be marketed and advertised as Menthol Cigarettes.

Superkings is a popular brand of cigarettes manufactured by imperial tobacco (originally under the brand name: john player). they are available in ireland and the u.k. however, numerous other brands that have a similar name may exist all around the world. the name is derived from the 100 mm cigarette length, which was amongst the first in the uk to be longer than the usual king size. it is a know

Superkings is a popular brand of cigarettes manufactured by Imperial Tobacco (originally under the brand name John Player). They are available in Ireland and the U.K. However, numerous other brands that have a similar name may exist all around the world.

The name is derived from the 100 mm cigarette length, which was amongst the first in the UK to be longer than the usual king size. It is a known fact that the term «Super Kings» is often used to describe any cigarette of regular length indicator but with additional length to a king size (K.S.) cigarette. Super kings packaging is marked by vertical bars of black and gold, blue, white or green designed to emphasize the increased length. The filter is light brown (white for menthol) with 2 gold circles at the base. The name and crest are printed on the cigarette near the filter. They are available in regular, light, ultra light and Menthol varieties.

Since Super King sized cigarettes are, on most occasions, the same price as the regular king size cigarettes of the same brand, it is a common speculation that they are made from inferior quality (surplus tobacco) and so are of a much lesser quality than regular sized cigarettes. Nevertheless, being primarily marketed towards the working class female smoker, the brand still remains the 9th most popular cigarette brand in the UK with 3.3% of the market!

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