Tobacco directive: “by restricting e-cigarettes we risk to send people back to tobacco”, argues ecr group

Jennifer Baker is joined by James Holtum, spokesperson for the ECR Group, to discuss the latest progress on the Tobacco Products Directive.

On Wednesday 26 February, the Tobacco Products Directive is scheduled for final vote in Parliament, bringing an end to the long lasting dispute over e cigarettes. The ECR Group hopes that instead of voting on the compromised package, e cigarettes regulation will be set for a separate vote, as the “evidence on the impacts of e cigarettes is not conclusive enough”. “People that are quitting smoking tobacco still need to get a nicotine hit and therefore they would like to come down to e cigarettes that provide similar effect”, claims Holtum. According to the spokesperson for the ECR Group, by restricting e cigarettes we risk to send people back to tobacco, and that is not the goal of the tobacco directive.

European parliament approve new anti-smoking measures

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