Top 5 e-cigarette brands for beginners in 2014 #newyear

It’s been quite a year for the e cigarette industry, but among all the chaos we can help you find the perfect brand to help you quit smoking for good. Here are our top 5 smokeless cigarettes for smokers who are quitting for the new year!

Why These E Cig Brands Made Our Top 5

As somebody who has been an avid e cigarette user for some time, I’ve noticed that people are all over the board as far as what they want in their first e cigarette. I bought my dad’s friend a starter kit for Christmas and he asked me where he could find strong tobaccco flavored e liquid. But the starter kit had come with a 10 mL bottle of something fruity like Raspberry Mist, and it turns out he loved it. You just never really know.

Some people are obsessed with the particulars when it comes to cigarettes, it’s like they aren’t just depenedent on nicotine but also the social rituals and the sensory experience. And then there are others (like me) who just want to get nicotine into their bloodstream whatever way is healthiest and best tasting.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a loved one, or a friend one of these brands will be a good fit. I’m going to go through all 5 brands and explain what type of smoker/personality they’d be best for.

V2 Cigs For the Versatile

V2 Cigs used to simply be another «cig a like» brand of electronic cigarette. They had great customer service and did quality control like nobody in the industry was doing it. But when it came down to it, their prefilled cartridges and limited battery life were just as bad as the next brand.

But this year, they changed the game completely. They created a tank to fit their mini batteries. They mixed the portability of the cig a like brands with the fun and cost saving of using tanks/clearomizers. Now, V2 Cigs customers can experiment with whatever e liquid they want, V2 made the decision not to force them to buy prefilled cartomizers over and over again like some brands do. Here’s what they look like

They also came out with the EX Battery, which is basically a battery that has more output and longer life per charge than their original battery. I brought mine to a concert because I didn’t feel like bringing a larger model in, and I had an amazing time with it. It can really produce some vapor. Here’s what those look like (I’m not sure what they were thinking with the playing card themed one&#8230

With these new developments, it’s really hard not to rank V2 Cigs as the top brand for beginners. Their product line is great for anyone who wants to be portable but also wants performance. They keep up with advancements in vapor technology and do it in style. And that’s why they top our list.

To learn more about V2 Cigs, head over to their store. Don’t forget that if you use coupon code BESTECIGBLOG you will save 10% off your entire order!

Halo Electronic Cigarettes For the Bold

Halo could also be called versatile, but I would say that if you know someone or are someone who likes to jump in and get their hands dirty when they try new things, go with the Halo Triton Tank System. It’s actually pretty easy, it’s just a larger battery and tank like I mentioned above (see our article on cartomizers and tanks to learn more). You fill the tank with e liquid, hook it up to the battery and you’re ready to go. Here’s a look at what the Triton Tank System comes with

Some people don’t want to mess with e liquid and prefer to buy prefilled cartridges, but the Halo Triton is an awesome way to get started in the world of vaping and it’s really not as hard as it seems.

The one thing I don’t like is that their Triton batteries and tanks don’t fit the traditional «eGo» style batteries or tanks. So you have to continue to buy their products. I prefer things to be open source, but it’s a good product anyway.

Be sure to check out their store. Remember that their Triton Tank Model is the more advanced, while the G6 is a basic mini e cigarette. We also have a coupon that can save you 5% off of your initial purchase BESTECIGLBOG

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes For All Types

Apollo started making some waves around a year ago. And at this point in time, they have a huge range of products that could fit just about anyone. They have the cig a like brands, they have the traditioanl eGo style batteries, and they have a nice selection of flavors. Plus, the price is extremely reasonable. Here’s a quick look at their 3 options. It may not seem like much, but some brands simply sell the same kit with just a few extra items and say they have a huge selection. Here’s what Apollo has going on

So once again, I would say that if the new e smoker wants to jump right in ,they should buy an eGo kit. But one thing to keep in mind is that eGo batteries are all manual, so it’s hard to use them when you’re doing things with your hands. Which is one of the reasons I wrote this piece about cig a like brands not being so bad.

Click here to visit the Apollo Website

Green Smoke Those Who Enjoy The simpler things

If you know someone who wants to feel like they’re actually smoking real cigarettes, my best guess would be Green Smoke. I personally just think they are another brand selling the same thing, but they must have made some adjustments because they have a devoted and loyal following of people who just love Green Smoke.

They’ve also been around longer than anyone else on the list, which says something about their product quality. Green Smoke is good for those who dont’ want to get too advanced. It’s simple and it gets the job done.

Their online store is also very well done. Check it out here.

South Beach Smoke Anyone who uses a Mac

South Beach is the same situation as Green Smoke, a high quality cigarette lookalike. The one thing I can say about South Beach Smoke, because I’ve only tried their product when I sampled it for the blog, is that they have a nice variety of flavors. Yes, they are in prefilled cartridges but it’s still nice to have the selection. It’s as if the flavors were apps, the Mac user simply can’t resist the idea of those beautiful icons and flawless apps. Anyway, take a look at their long line of flavors

If you know someone who would like a simple yet tasty electronic cigarette, than South Beach Smoke is the way to go.

You can find their store through this link

Wrapping Up

Thanks for checking out our recommendations for the Top 5 E Cigarette Brands for Beginners! We here at BECB hope that you enjoy a smokefree, vapor filled 2014. Happy new years!


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Smoking in indonesia — wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Kretek is credited as an invention by Nitisemito of Kudus, an industrial town in Central Java. It emerged in the late 19th century in Java. The practice was to roll, by hand, a compound of tobacco, cloves and cocoa in a dry corn husk wrap, which gives a honeyed flavour. It was Nitisemito who introduced cigarette papers in place of corn husk. Following this simple innovation, a Kretek manufacturing factory was set up in Sumatra. The first brand of cigarette produced in this factory, «Bal Tiga» (three balls), became very popular, and as result the economy of Kudus prospered and the inventor became a wealthy man. The inventor popularized his brand of cigarettes through a concerted media campaign, even establishing his own radio station for the purpose. He touted his habit of smoking kretek as the cure for his asthma. However, intense competition (25 manufactures are now reported in the city and its suburbs) and his ham handed management resulted in his becoming a pauper at the end, when he died in 1953. 9 Another local brand, which became very popular in the 1980s, is the Gudang Garam brand of Kretek. Chinese businessmen who are credited with establishing this brand of Kretek from a modest beginning in the 1920s produced 40 billion cigarettes in the 1980s. Other business enterprises competing with this brand tried to discredit the brand by attributing use of cannabis in addition to cloves and tobacco. It has the distinction of being the largest single employer in Indonesia. 10

Kretek is very popular in rural areas as this type of cigarette is cheap. It burns for a long period. However, when they are kept away they douse automatically. 11 They, however, do not cause any oral lacerations. Now, cigarette smoking has largely replaced betel chewing. 12

Kretek is defined as onomatopoeic . Its literal meaning is to crackle, which is the sound that is produced when it is burnt and inhaled. 9

Kretek cigarettes have harmful effects as it contains high concentration of tar and nicotine, almost four times that of ordinary cigarettes. Some countries have banned marketing this brand of cigarettes. The other harmful effect mentioned is from the clove oil used in making Kretek. The clove oil or eugenol is harmful to the lungs. The Indonesian Health Department reported in 2000 that 200,000 people get affected by cancer every year but its exact relation to smoking is not evaluated. This brand of cigarette is so popular that 5% of the national revenue is from this source, next only to the revenue from oil. Indonesia also records the highest growth of cigarette industry in the world, accounting for 4% of the world consumption. 9

While cigarette smoking is declining throughout the world, in Indonesia the industry is thriving. Manufacturers of Marlborough brand of cigarettes established a Kretek brand manufacturing factory in Indonesia in 2008. For over 50 years, Djarum has been another big brand international manufacturer of Kretek here. It has a research and development unit to improve on the quality of their cigarettes. Malaysia and USA are said to be two of their important markets. 8

Kretek was initially a habit of the lower classes of society. However, it has now become very popular among the «middle class and intelligentsia, to the extent that it has become very de rigueur and a mark of Indonesian ness.» 10

Kretek cigarettes are mostly slimmer than normal King Size cigarettes giving them a more modern and contemporary look and feel.

Harmful effects and regulations edit

Tobacco smoking in Indonesia is said to claim 300,000 lives every year. 13 Even though the country has required «no smoking» signs in health care units, educational institutions and in public transportation system, there is no ban on smoking in government and private offices, restaurants and bars. Tax exemptions in the country provide an incentive to the manufacturers to advertise the sale of cigarettes as compared to other countries in the region, in spite of the World Bank suggesting higher tax rates. As a result, tobacco manufacturers almost run cigarette advertisements for free. The advertisements, although warning of the ill effects of smoking, do not show any pictures, nor are the warning texts printed at strategic places on the cigarette packets. All these factors, plus its low cost, have contributed to the extensive proliferation of cigarette smoking in the country among people of all ages. 2 So much so, that even a two year old child picked up the habit of smoking two packs of cigarettes a day in his fishing village, where every one smokes. It was reported that the child’s father initiated his son into this habit at the age of 18 months. However, press reports indicate that the child has been placed in rehabilitation by keeping him in a different environment under the care of a psychologist, and as a result the child has given up smoking. 14 The government of Indonesia is now contemplating introducing regulations that would ban the advertising of cigarettes, smoking in public places and selling cigarettes to children. 5

References edit