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Thomson ReutersA man uses an E cigarette in this illustration picture taken in Paris

By Kathryn Doyle

NEW YORK (Reuters) Teenagers in North Carolina who try to buy electronic cigarettes online are likely to succeed even though selling the devices to minors is illegal in the state, researchers reported on Monday.

A 2013 North Carolina law required that online e cigarette sellers verify customers’ ages with a government database at the point of order. But more than 90 percent of vendors do not comply, researchers led by Rebecca Williams of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found.

“It is likely easier for many teens to buy e cigarettes online than in a corner store, where they might be faced with a request for ID,” Williams said.

The situation is likely similar in other states, she added.

While 41 states ban e cigarette sales to minors, “they tend to focus on face to face sales,” imposing fewer or no restrictions for online sales, said Camille Gourdet, a health policy researcher at the University of Illinois at Chicago who was not involved in the study.

North Carolina is one of the few states that address remote sales, she said, and vendors shipping to minors there could be charged with a class 2 misdemeanor.

For the study, published online in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers supervised 11 teens ages 14 to 17 as they attempted to buy e cigarettes online 98 times. They succeeded 75 times 18 failures had to do with broken websites or payment processing.

Only five failures resulted from age verification measures such as requesting a social security number and date of birth, meaning 94 percent of the vendors failed to vet ages properly.

Other sites had some form of age verification, though they were ineffective, such as check boxes. None required drivers license numbers at the time of purchase.

“Without strictly enforced federal regulations, online e cigarette vendors have little motivation to decrease profits by spending the time and money it takes to properly verify customers’ age and reject underage buyers,” Williams said via e mail.

The packages were delivered by the U.S. Postal Service, United Parcel Service Inc, DHL Worldwide Express, or FedEx Corp, which do not ship traditional cigarettes to consumers under their own policies or federal regulation. None attempted to verify consumer age, and almost all left the packages at the door.

No federal law restricts e cigarette shipping.

(Reporting by Kathryn Doyle Editing by Sharon Begley and Dan GRebler)

Tobacco in france – cigarettes, pouch tobacco. tobacco prices france

Route 66 Tobacco in Luxembourg

French anti smoking campaign (in French).

All about the new anti smoking laws in France (from February 2007).

Anti counterfeiting group.

Anti Fraud, run by the National Fraud Authority.

Dates / News

April 2008 There have been some tax increases in Belgium and Luxembourg. Shopkeepers are trying to hold their sterling prices, but with a continuously weakening Pound, prices have risen this month.

January 2008 Prices unchanged in France, but increases in Luxembourg and Belgium, mainly due to the lousy exchange rate.

January 2007 Prices unchanged in France, but increases in Luxembourg and Belgium.

January 2006 Prices unchanged in France, but small increases in Luxembourg and Belgium.

January 2005 Prices unchanged again, but the manufacturers are changing their prices (some up, some down).

January 2004 10% increase this like they will not increase for a few years now as a result of the protests from French TABAC&#39 s.

9th August Shop in France now! Cigarettes are going up 17% in late OCTOBER and rolling tobacco by 14.2% (from 4.20 euro to 4.80 euro).

20th September 2003 More bad news. From an article in Le Monde. Prices are to increase again in January 2004 by 20%. In January 2003 a packet of cigarettes cost 3.90 euro, at the end of October it will cost 4.58 euro and next January it will cost 5.48 euro. The price difference with Spain (2,50 euro the package), Luxembourg (2,90), Italy (3,30) or Belgium (3,70) will weigh on the activities of the 34,000 tobacco dealers in France. According to a White Paper, “the market of smuggling represents today 6% of the total market of the sale of tobacco in France”. One wonders if they realise that this will rise substantially as it did in the United Kingdom.

January 2003 The Hoverspeed Court victory has seen a substantial increase in the allowances. However, British Revenue and Customs are now (uniquely) subjecting United Kingdom citizens to checks on the way out of England as well. We think this is scandalous.

6th January 2003 PRICES GO UP IN France

Tobacco prices increased substantially in France on January 6th the most expensive cigarettes increased by 8% and the least expensive of 13% to 16%. The average increase was 15%. For health reasons, taxes on cigarettes went up by 17.5% and on hand rolling tobacco by 25%.

On average compared with the United Kingdom, cigarettes are now 39.44% cheaper in France, rolling tobacco 55.67%, pipe tobacco 36.65% and cigars 52.61%.

January 2001 Customs and Excise are having a vigorous campaign to stamp out tobacco smuggling. You may be stopped and told in great detail what you can bring back. If you are caught after this you will face confiscation of your goods and perhaps your vehicle as well. The real smugglers who go by foot face no penalties other than the loss of their goods. The Mafia, who smuggle with container loads must be laughing as their hold on the market is strengthened.


Fake cigarettes always look for tar content i.e. nic 1.0mg and tar 12mg. Fakes don’t have this information.

Warning! shops often use a generous exchange rate when working out the Sterling CASH price, so do take plenty of sterling cash when buying tobacco to get the best prices. Whilst you can pay by credit card, bear in mind that the price that shows on your statement will be about 7% more than the sterling prices listed in the shop.

CREDIT CARDS we suggest you ring your credit card company before shopping in France increased fraud means they are turning down shoppers cards if their spending deviates from the norm. Take your mobile you can often sort the problem out over the phone.

Warning! The popular 24 hour tobacco shops in Adinkerke, Belgium are closed 10.00pm 6.00am

Shopping and Ciggies? Try Centre Commercial Mi Voix if you want to buy both booze and baccy when in France shopping.

Knock, Knock?

Believe it or not, but even if you are only slightly over the limit and they let you through, you may get a visit and house search afterwards by C and E. So much for civil liberties in a modern society.

Careful! pouch tobacco in France is sold in 40g packets, in Belgium they are 50g. Get a receipt, particularly if buying in Belgium, you may need it for customs.

AVOID buying tobacco in local pubs from Luxembourg if you don’t have a receipt it will be confiscated.

Why is there no TABAC at Cit Europe? We often get asked this question. In France TABAC&#39 s are effectively a union. The sale of tobacco is also regulated. The number of TABAC&#39 s in a town depends on its population. The population of Coquelles is just 1,200 people so it is allowed one TABAC, hence no shop in the shopping centre.

If you smoke or know a smoker why not buy your Xmas presents in France and Belgium? Remember you are giving these items as presents never admit to taking money for them, even from your family.

Prices in France

Prices are regulated in France and increase annually. In 2003 however cigarette prices went up on average just over 9.5% in January. Rolling tobacco a whopping 18.30%. However, the exchange rate was much lower than the previous year and the rise in prices year on year was effectively more. Cigarettes went up by a further 17% October 20th. In January 2004 the increase was about 10%. These increases are part of a deliberate French Government strategy to reduce the number of people smoking in France.

Unavailable in France

Some cigarettes are not available in France and Belgium. We know that the following are not available in France Consulate Menthol, Sovereign, Silk Cut 100&#39 s, Royals (at the Euroshop in the Eurotunnel Terminal the following are available Rothmans Royals, Silk Cut 100&#39 s). In France More are called TIME Menthol.

In Belgium you cannot get Berkley, John Players Navy Cut non filter, Senior Service non filter, Pall Mall non filter. 2008 Dorchester and Sovereign are no longer available. there is a new brand to replace them though Sterling Superkings. 2009 Regal cigarettes are no longer available in Belgium.

In Luxembourg you cannot get Berkeley, Mayfair, and Sovereign.

August 2003 These brands are now available Mayfair Superkings, Silk Cut Purple 100s, Benson and Hedges Silver 100&#39 s, Mayfair Sky Blue, Club King Size. If you know of any more please let us know e mail us

Foot Passengers click here for more information Shops in Calais Only the Continent (now Carrefour Mi voix) Shopping Centre has a Tobacco Shop For best prices pay in Sterling cash.

Bar Tabac, Le Brazza. 149, Bd. Gambetta, 62100. Calais. Tel 0033 321 34 33 11. Open Monday Saturday 6.30am 9.00pm. Sunday 7.30am 3.00pm. Takes CC&#39 s, (f&#39 s and euro. Directions A16 exit 43, right at roundabout. 100m on right. “I am just writing to say that I found all of your staff to be very polite and helpful.” more

Caf Tabac Le Mercure. 221 Bd. Lafayette (opp. Match). Tel 0033 321 96 78 68. Open Monday to Saturday 7.15am 7.30pm. Sunday Closed. Takes CC&#39 s, (f&#39 s and euro. Directions Centre Ville opposite Match Supermarket plenty of parking. English spoken, parking for coaches and cars. October 2009 LOOKS LIKE IT HAS CLOSED.

La Maison du Cadeau Civette. Tel 0033 321 34 59 79. 2, Bd. Jacquard, 62100. Calais. Open Monday Saturday.

A la Civette Tabac Loto Cadeaux. Tel 0033 321 34 64 54. 15, Place d’Armes, 62100. Calais.

Tabac Le Cyrano. 86 Bd. Jacquard. Tel 0033 321 34 43 32.

Caf Tabac, Le Persan. 75, Bd. Gambetta, 62100. Calais. Tel 0033 321 34 62 34.

Caf Tabac, Le Saint Germain. 51, Place d’Armes, Calais. Tel 0033 321 97 49 90. Open 6.00am 1.00am daily.

Caf Tabac, Le Salengro. 71, Av. Roger Salengro. 62100. Tel 0033 321 96 2
3 36.

Others (if you find any of these helpful please let us know)

Le Balto. 23 Bd. Alli s. Tel 0033 321 34 50 30.

G rard Leroy. 43 Av. Antoine de Saint Exup ry. Tel 0033 321 96 12 51.

Bar Tabac Le Flash. 43 rue Four a Chaux. Tel 0033 321 36 36 23.

Donald Lockwood. 94 rue Descartes. Tel 0033 321 34 38 98.

Jean Marie Brunelot. Centre Commercial, rue Henry Matisse. Tel 0033 321 96 43 02.

Agnes Maquignon. 377 Av. Roger Salengro. Tel 0033 321 96 23 36.

Le Calumet. 145 rue Fontinettes. Tel 0033 321 36 65 89.

Le Mazarin. 15 rue Royale. Tel 0033 321 34 58 46.

Chantal Lebrun. 140 Bd. Lafayette. Tel 0033 321 82 27 02.

Jean Claude Mulard. 119 Bd. Victor Hugo. Tel 0033 321 97 53 47.

Le Cluny. 18, rue Fontinettes. Tel 0033 321 35 68 92.

Tabac Nation. 21 Bd. Egalit . Tel 0033 321 96 73 66.

Le Comptoir. 52 rue Duc de Guise. Tel 0033 321 34 35 66.

Le Narval. rue Constance Cronie. Tel 0033 321 34 67 19.

Cafe Tabac Le Diplomate. 51 rue Thermes. Tel 0033 321 34 57 35.

Cafe Tabac Le Nemrod. 79 rue 11 Novembre. Tel 0033 321 97 58 10.

Cafe Tabac La Fayette. 94 Bd. La Fayette. Tel 0033 321 36 51 03.

Le Palaray. 95 rue Massena. Tel 0033 321 85 65 59.

Cafe Tabac Le Gauloise. 94 rue Descartes. Tel 0033 321 96 38 58.

Le P nalty. 43 Av. Antoine de Saint Exup ry. Tel 0033 321 96 79 07.

Cafe Tabac Le Gersch. 17 rue Andr Gershell. Tel 0033 321 96 08 80.

Le Templier. 76 rue Marc. de Lattre de Tassingny. Tel 0033 321 96 72 05.

A La Havane. 218, rue Mollien. Tel 0033 321 96 63 72.

Le Transmanche. 1200 Av. Charles de Gaulle. Coquelles. Tel 0033 321 82 00 96.

Outside Calais

L&#39 Agriculture Caf Tabac. 4500 rue du Pont d’Oye, Vieille Eglise. 62162. Open 7.00am Tel 0033 321 35 81 20.

Caf Hotel Chez Monique. 98 Grand Place. 62179. Audinghen. Tel 0033 321 87 30 09.

Shopping Centres

Centre Commercial Auchan there is no tobacconist here.

Centre Commercial Mi voix. Tobacconist Dereep. Tel 0033 321 96 71 96. Open 9.00am to 7.30pm, Monday to Saturday.

Cit Europe Shopping Centre there is no tobacconist here either why not?

Save in France or Belgium

When buying up to the suggested British Guidelines for tobacco purchases abroad you will save loads of money Tobacco prices in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Sample Prices

The most popular cigarette brands in the United Kingdom (2001)

Position Brand % of Market

1 Lambert and Butler King Size (Imperial) 15.93%

2 Benson and Hedges Special Filter King Size (Gallaher) 12.55%

3 Mayfair King Size (Gallaher) 7.48%

4 Superkings (Imperial) 7.13%

5 Rothmans Royal King Size (Rothmans United Kingdom 5.98%

6 Silk Cut King Size (Gallaher) 5.88% Marlboro Lights King Size (Imperial) 5.77%

8 Regal King Size (Imperial) 5.22%

9 Sovereign King Size (Gallaher) 4.40%

10 Embassy No. 1 King Size (Imperial) 4.18%

11 Lambert and Butler King Size Lights (Imperial) 3.73%

12 Superkings Lights (Imperial) 3.29%

13 Richmond King Size (Imperial) 2.86%

14 Berkeley Superkings (Gallaher) 2.73%

15 John Player Special King Size (Imperial) 2.41%

16 Mayfair King Size Lights (Gallaher) 2.33%

17 Silk Cut Ultra (Gallaher) 2.32%

18 Berkeley Superkings Menthol (Gallaher) 2.06%

19 Berkeley Superkings Lights (Gallaher) 1.95%

20 Marlboro King Size (Imperial) 1.79%

The United Kingdom Tobacco Market (From the Tobacco Manufacturers’ Association)

There are around 15 million adult smokers in the United Kingdom which equates to one third of the adult population.

United Kingdom consumers spent almost f12.5 billion on United Kingdom duty paid tobacco products in 2000.

Sales amounted to 56 billion cigarettes, 2.8 million kg of hand rolling and pipe tobacco and 900 million cigars.

The United Kingdom market for tobacco products has declined. In recent years this trend has been accelerated by the rapid growth of bootlegging and smuggling.

Between 1993 and 2000, cigarette sales fell by 38%.

Over the same period sales of pipe tobacco, hand rolling tobacco and cigars fell by 57%, 39% and 30% respectively.

In 2000, non United Kingdom duty paid consumption of cigarettes stood at around 30% of total consumption. 70% of hand rolling tobacco consumption avoided United Kingdom taxes.

The United Kingdom Tobacco Manufacturers

Gallaher Ltd, Imperial Tobacco Ltd and Rothmans (UK) Ltd are the main companies supplying the United Kingdom market.

Whilst cigarettes are the main product, the companies also manufacture hand rolling and pipe tobacco&#39 s and cigars for the United Kingdom and export markets.