Urban dictionary: camel

A camel is a dreamer upper of dessert adventures. They are loyal and compassionate and perfect companions for adventures of happy hedgehog rescue missions and tangerine boat cruises down the nile and orchestral concerts in the dessert and cloud surfing along the great wall of China. They&#39 ll take you to india to smoke opium together with the maharaja tiki tiki blip blop in the tanned tiger teepee and help you defeat giant platypus in greece, they love nothing more than to explore crystal caves in search of paradise vacations but they&#39 ll also happily stay home to play uno and drink hot chocolate after a day of hardcore skiing.

Camels cook scrumptious pampadams and draw exceptionaly well. They write exceptional birthday cards, sing lovely songs and they like iced coffe&#39 s and beer but not together. They are honourable and beautiful and rare, and if you&#39 re ever so ridiculously lucky enough to find one, join forces.

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They are just as «bad» as any cigarette. Although, cigars do have more nicotine in them so don’t forget that! The only difference between ultra light, light, regular, and menthol cigarettes is how much tar and carcinogens is released upon igniting the cigarette. However, smokers usually compensate for the «missing feeling of enjoyment» they receive from smoking regular/menthol cigarettes when switching to ultra light or light by inhaling longer or smoking more cigarettes. If you’re worried about negative side effects of cigarette smoking, but are a committed smoker, or are wishing to quit, do some research on the electronic cigarette. There is no smoke and is not harmful to others. However, do not forget that nicotine overdose is as much of a reality as caffeine overdose. It can happen with using any NRT (smoking cessation product such as nicorette) whether its FDA approved or not.