Viceroy Cigarettes – one of the crucial world brands

viceroy-filtersCigarettes are currently the most common form of tobacco products. Cigarettes have gained popularity due to their convenience – they are always with us, and do not require complex procedures in order to smoke them. Cigarettes are simply here to be support us in any situation of our life.

In addition, the strength of the cigarettes is usually optimal to deeply inhale them, and getting maximum pleasure from smoking.

Viceroy cigarettes are the cigarettes that are proud to exist during many years of rich history. 65 years ago, Viceroy Brand started to be produced in the US, and this brand is known and sold today.

Viceroy cigarettes have a rich legacy of being a standout amongst the most well known brands on the planet. It is right now accessible in more than 70 countries far and wide.

Still some time ago, in 1936, Viceroy turned into the primary cigarette brand to be characterized by combined cork-tipped and cellulose acetate filtering system, the innovation holds the unsafe substances in the filters offering productive insurance from the chemicals found in the smoke.

Also, acetate filter composition was helpful in order to cover intensity of the smoke, making it less demanding to puff. This development quickly turned into the brilliant standard in filter advancements in this sphere.

Since 1952, acetate filter was used in cigarettes, and e Viceroy began to use it first.

The name of Viceroy Cigarettes was received through the representative of the royal dynasty – Weiss, after whom they were called. In translation, this word means “return on investment”.

Viceroy Cigarettes are leading among the cheap cigarettes produced by British American Tobacco Company. Today they are available in three types of taste: Viceroy Red – the strongest cigarettes, Viceroy Blue – cigarettes with milder taste, Viceroy Silver – light cigarettes.

In the international market there is observed a rapid growth in popularity of the Viceroy brand among cheap cigarettes.

So, Viceroy Brand possessed by British American Tobacco, is one of the crucial world brands presented in its category. Despite the fact that the brand is not receiving marketing assistance in the United States, it can be considered as the brand “picking- up- speed” in Europe and Asia.