Vogue Cigarettes – femininity is manifested

When talking about women’s cigarettes, the mind unwittingly draws a Vogue package. For more than eighty years, the American cigarette brand has been satisfied with the title of the most popular and sought-after women’s cigarettes in the world. Interestingly, since its appearance on the market, Vogue cigarettes positioned themselves as a tobacco product for the fair sex.

Vogue is the perfect smoking brand sought by all ladies who like magnificence and impact, as a result of it unadulterated, eye-getting plan and it smooth, charming taste.

In the event that you like Fashion and Style attempt the essence of Vogue Cigarettes!

Vogue cigarettes are produced by British American Tobacco (BAT), a main worldwide tobacco organization. This well known organization doesn’t urge individuals to begin smoking or to smoke more, it just propose to all smokers to pick the best and most noteworthy nature of tobacco utilized as a part of each smoking brand as Vogue Cigarettes created by BAT. The organization’s top notch brands are picked by one in eight of the world’s smokers.

The secret of the success of the cigarette company was laid at the production stage: unlike classic men’s cigarettes, which have a pronounced tobacco flavor, thick smoke and high tar content, the women’s Vogue cigarettes have a mild flavor and pleasant aroma. The manufacturer deliberately changed the proportions of the “American tobacco blend” in favor of Oriental tobacco, which gives cigarettes the necessary lightness.

Vogue cigarettes are easy to distinguish from any other male brands. They are packed in a pack of thin cardboard, oblong in shape. Thus, femininity is manifested not only in taste, but also in the design of cigarette packaging. Original refined coloring, elegant pack, thin long cigarettes; – today the Vogue brand can be safely considered a fashion accessory, a stylish addition to the female image.

Vogue cigarettes are one of a kind due to their charming taste as well as due to their pack plan.

The pack plan of these elegant and snappy cigarettes is additionally surprising, straightforward and unadulterated, in light of the fact that the most overwhelming shading is WHITE. White means benevolence. In many societies it speaks to earnestness and truth. All in all white shading has cleaning motions and can be used to clear pieces from your way.

Thus, every smoker just taking a gander at Vogue pack configuration can see the principle qualities of this acclaimed mark!

Vogue cigarettes all-white box outline with thin long branches painted in various hues from green, and rose, to blue, contingent upon the flavor that is inside each pack.

Vogue mark comes in super thin size which is around 100mm long and more slender than a standard size cigarette and in a few assortments on our online cigarettes store.