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Dunhill Fine Cut Dark Blue

Dunhill Fine Cut Dark Blue are ideal cigarettes for a midday break. A mixture of fine cut tobacco leaves gives the perfect midrange taste and aroma. Every cigarette Dunhill Fine Cut Dark Blue contains 0.7 mg nicotine, while maintaining the taste, which is famous for the Dunhill brand.

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If you are looking for something new, try cigarettes Dunhill Red and you’ll love their sweet taste. The company prides itself on the quality of Dunhill cigarettes, which exceed the expectations of any connoisseur. With 1 mg of nicotine in each cigarette soft smoke is extremely easy and does not irritate the throat.

Buy now Dunhill Fine Cut Silver

Dunhill Fine Cut Silver cigarettes are an unbeatable source of quantitative fume that can only come from those premium brand cigarettes. Cigarettes with an exceptional combination of quality tobacco, low nicotine smoke provides smooth fresh taste without chemical aftertaste that is found in other brands of cigarettes.

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Cigarettes Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol are produced from a special blend of exotic tobaccos without chemical additives and give a fresh mint taste. These light, but flavorful cigarette is the perfect choice for those looking for a quality smoke with a fresh aftertaste. Each cigarette contains around 0.6 mg nicotine.

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Cigarettes Dunhill International around the world is seen as a luxury brand cigarettes. These cigarettes were created specifically for smokers who appreciate exclusive taste. Dunhill International cigarettes are made from high quality tobacco blends. Dunhill cigarettes is one of the most popular brands among smokers.

Buy now Dunhill Blue

Cigarettes Dunhill Blue is light cigarettes with an exotic flavor that will delight any smoker. The taste of tobacco is clear and clean with a touch of sweetness. The sweet aroma of fresh tobacco greets you every time you open the box. Dunhill Blue cigarettes gives a clean sweet taste without chemical aftertaste.

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