What a pack of cigarettes costs, state by state — the awl

Nate Hopper June 15th, 2011

This list has been updated with new data in July of 2013! Click here for the latest!

51. West Virginia $4.74
50. Louisiana $4.82
49. North Dakota $4.91
48. Kentucky $4.97
47. Idaho $4.99
46. California $5.19
45. Alabama $5.27
44. Georgia $5.29
43. South Carolina $5.42
41 42. Indiana, Wyoming $5.50
40. North Carolina $5.51
38 39. Nebraska, Virginia $5.55
37. Tennessee $5.56
36. Missouri $5.58
35. Oregon $5.59
34. Mississippi $5.75
33. New Hampshire $5.87
32. Nevada $5.95
30 31. Arkansas, Colorado $5.96
29. Montana $5.99
26 28. Delaware, Iowa, Kansas $6.00
25. South Dakota $6.03
24. Texas $6.07
23. Florida $6.08
22. Oklahoma $6.19
21. Ohio $6.22
20. Minnesota $6.53
19. Maryland $6.70
18. Pennsylvania $6.80
17. Arizona $6.87
16. New Mexico $6.88
15. Michigan $6.90
14. Utah $7.22
13. Maine $7.97
12. Washington, D.C. $7.99
11. Wisconsin $8.11
10. Vermont $8.23
9. Connecticut $8.25
8. Massachusetts $8.30
7. New Jersey $8.35
6. Rhode Island $8.60
5. Alaska $9.14
4. Illinois $9.67
3. Hawaii $9.73
2. Washington $9.89
1. New York $11.90

Methodology Prices were obtained by calling a gas station in each state’s most populous city and asking the clerk for the price of a pack of Marlboro Reds with tax. Memphis, Tenn., was toughest (nine phone calls). The gas station in Milwaukee, Wis., had the only employee who ended the conversation with &#034 have a good one.&#034

Update To compare these prices to a more recent 2012 survey, go here.

Nate Hopper is a summer Awl reporter.

Photo by romana klee.

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